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    Christian Wolfe.  A deeply talented and driven modern master painter.  First met on the Journey Home in the shire of Ashland in 2014, Christian is one of a series of avatars whose sacred mission is […]

  • I loved Dungeons and Dragons as a childe.  The magick of projecting one’s avatar into a storybook World, moving through heroic Quests in the fulfillment of one’s character.  Such was the sharing in the d […]

  • As I sit in the trailer granted to me by Shivoso, parked outside the Ark temple I reflect, on the suffering and struggle that has made up the bulk of my journey across the Akasha, deeper into the realms of the […]

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    A Morning Frustration
    The rage hits me first thing in the morning.  I don’t expect it, but perhaps I should.  Having not done my practices last night, it’s no surprise that the ancient rancor with the Earth plane […]

  • The Feminine Divine

  • Working deeply on the Mythica. Sitting in Barnes & Noble, feeling the prana flowing from the books and pages, the weaving of Worlds. I do some work on the timelines and the Akasha, moving ever-deeper along the rainbow road to the realms of Heaven on Earth

  • In the Akasha, the Ocean of Form that makes up all things, there are threads.  Lines of energy which represent the timelines of the People, moving from one incarnation to another along the cloud atlas of their […]

  • “Can’t go on … feel so old … so sick … fathers, I’ve failed you all … nothing left … nothing … can’t … die now … I won’t die … help me father… ummhhhh… help me… merciful ancestors….my […]

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    “So much information … so much … LIGHT! I can’t hold it back anymore … I must … release … gaze … of SHIVA!!!”
    – Peter Fae, the Journey Home


    I have a flair for the mythically dramatic.  As l […]

    Form follows function.  We are designed the way we are to serve a larger purpose.  Everything happens for a reason.

    Everything has it’s price.  The trial that gives rise to the tre […]

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  • Signs of Love.  Signs of Abundance.  Success of Rituals.

    The Water does her magick.  I feel my consciousness clearing, allowing more access to the Abundance.  New inspirations come in on how to narrate the […]

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