Peter Fae

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    Yeshua Lucis Revelations upon waking this morning: We are in constant dialogue with the universe. To question into the nature of Ones life is to inevitably receive an answer. This is always happening in synchronicity. Nature is intelligent and the external world is really a facet of the Self, as there is no separation. Conversations with the Self are conversations with God. However, there are different octaves of consciousness, clarity and discernment on which that conversation occurs. When we think of manifestation, is it that we are really willing things into existence, or that we are intersecting their manifestation at particular time, space and depth in synchronicity? This Came clearly to me through the luminance of Peter Fae. This is relative to the larger mapwork of our potential unfoldment. How do you get from one realm to another? How does one journey across territories of consciousness to get to brighter worlds? Such as getting from a realm of scarcity to a realm of abundance. These are real experiences, realities, and real worlds and places physically. In order to shift what we are intersecting there must be a shift in the substance of the self. The true essence of our nature is goodness. We live in a friendly universe. Nature is naturally pure and giving, already an edenic paradise existing at a particular intersection of her qualities. Yet our awareness must be open enough, pure enough, to receive such numinous vibrations. We must be clear to step into the Magick. Distorted realities are created through aberrations Within the Self. This is playing out individually and collectively, as there is no separation, as above so below... To shift realms to brightlands is to redeem the defilements in the Self, to clear the smudges in the Gem that we are, the Prism of the Self. The substance of the self returns to its pure heritage, to vitality, joy and love. The agitation in the waters of the self find stillness and easement, the fires burn with passion, vigor and balance, the earth is grounded, rooted and fertile, the air breathes freely with lightness, we have space to expand and grow... active 3 hours, 48 minutes ago