Let us start here -

You are not the Self.  You are Awareness itself, having the experience of a Self.

And that Self is a Beautiful Thing.

There is a way to see your Story.  To see your journey to Self Realization as a magical adventure.  A way of dissolving the illusion of separation that limits your access to Abundance.

A way of combining the techniques of personal development with a deep understanding of Your heroic journey.

 To witness your sacred Path as a journey, facing the trials and triumphs of your unfoldment into the bright realization of who you really are.   To see your Story as part of a much larger Collective unfoldment, in which the illusion of our separation dissolves and we step into a new World of understanding.

For this we present the yoga of Story.  The journey to the discovery of your soul's purpose.

The Yoga of Story is about coming into union with your Self.

We are all Divine beings.  Aspects of God made of the very elements of the World.  Beings of pure awareness. having the experiencing of a Self.  Like looking through a stained glass window we see and experience a reality based on the uniqueness of these elements.   As we come into union with this, dropping our consciousness into the experience of being human, we experience a deeper and more magical reality.

Underlying all healing is our relationship to the Natural world.  To the qualities of Earth, Air, Water and Fire that make up our Self.  Yet there is another aspect to  the Creation, known as the Akasha.  Such is the canvas, the space in which the elements combine and dance.

In Akasha yoga, we. go deeply into this understanding.  Framing our relationship to the Creation from this vantage, that of looking at the nature of the experience of a Self and the great adventure of it's unfoldment.  We deepen our perception of the very elements of Self, the Air, Fire, Earth, Water of which we are made, as well as the Akasha, the element of space, time and vibration in which they occur.

We look at the nature of Awakening, exploring the idea that there is something that wishes to come through You.  A version of your Self that is living in it's fulfillment.  As we come to clear the elements of which we are made, this opens.

Seeing Your Life as a Heroic Journey

There is a Purpose to Your Story.

As we come to discern the elemental energies that make up our current Self, we see that we live in the hologram of our current energetic state of vibration.  We begin to understand that we live in the halo of our own substance of Self, and that our many trials and triumphs are the alchemy of those inner energies playing out in our experience.

As this happens, we cultivate the perception that we are moving across a landscape of vibrations, travelers along the roads of the Akasha, the space, time and vibration in which things happen.  This gives rise to a deeper understanding of our personal Story of Realization, the unique play of energies that is our current Self and it's journey Home.  We start to see that we are characters in our own unfoldment.

Central to this is the understanding of our seed within, the vision for our Life granted by the Divine.  It is the idea that we have a sacred purpose, a seed that wishes to blossom through the experiences of our Life and give it's Gift to the planet.  That in so many ways, our sacred Path is about discovering the Purpose for which we were made.

About understanding what causes our experiences

There are many words to describe the vibrational conditions which manifest as the circumstance of our lives.  In Akasha yoga, we investigate the nature of Awareness of those vibrations beyond the terms and categories, cultivating a sensory relationship with the Self.  As we do this, we learn to apply techniques to dissolve the subtle energetics which create our conditions, witnessing that movement as part of our heroic journey across the landscape of the Akasha.

Throughout the Mythica we shall be presenting the levels of awareness as the Surface, the Subtle, and the Causal, showcasing the ways in which the particular elements of vibration that make up our experience manifest.  In Akasha yoga, we cultivate our understanding that our own vibrational state creates our experience, and learn to move through those conditions.

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Healing with the Deva

In Akasha yoga, we focus deeply on clearing the Self in sacred relationship with the elements.  Recognizing that there is an elemental intelligence within them that is the original version of our Self.  We cultivate the understanding that the Natural world embodies the clarified version of the elements that make up our current Self, and that by blending with those elemental forces, we may clear the subtle and causal patterns of our lives.

Such is a movement of alignment with the natural World, in which we come to live more and more wholesome ways, embodying the singular and Collective journey to Heaven on Earth.

We are All Connected - Collective Consciousness

All our Stories are connected.

As we go deeper into the embodiment of who we really are, our sense of separation beings to dissolve.  We see more clearly how we are part of a much larger alchemy, a grand unfoldment.  We. make the shift into a Collective awareness, dissolving the confusions of the past.

This marks a deepening of awareness that the elements of our Story and that of other Stories are intrinsically linked, that we are encountering the literal vibrational embodiments of different aspects of our Self.  It is here we deepen our yoga, coming to align with the vibrational harmony that comes from recognizing that there is no separation.  It is the deep domain of interaction, in which we act to align our subtle posturing in proper relationship  with our experience.

As this happens, the way in which we engage the Creation changes.  As we align with this Truth - that there is no separation between our various Selves, between us and the environment, the strategies we engage to transform our circumstance evolve.  Relationship itself changes it's timbre, as we come to recognize the subtle timbres that make up the synchronicity of our lives.  We gain deeper vantage on the causes of our circumstance, as well as the facility of changing that circumstance on the most subtle of levels.  Such is the movement into the causal yogas, the Collective alchemy of our shared journey to Heaven on Earth.