All across the World, beings are waking up.  Coming to see themselves and the World more deeply, to step into the majesty and magick that is their divine birthright.

As we move across the threadlines of our sacred Path, it can be difficult to see how we are intrinsically connected, how in the subtle planes of vibration we share patterns with other beings, driven to change the World for the better.

There is a name for this web, the interlinking of our many Stories.  It is called the Akasha, and it is the home of the Akashic Records, the record of our many tales across all of space and time.

As we delve into this deeper perception, we come to see something magickal.  Along the synchronicities and revelations of our lives, we meet the same characters, the same beings, sharing a resonant sensation that we are part of something much larger than our individual Self.

To showcase this, to illuminate both our individual timelines and the Great Story to which we are a part, is why the Mythica was created.

Below find an ever-growing library of videos presenting the underlying projects and realms of magick that are shared between the characters of the Awakening.  Stay tuned for ongoing reports showing both the individual and the Collective picture of our journey to Heaven on Earth.


At the Heart of the Mythica is the understanding that there is no separation.  That all of our destinies, all of our Stories, are linked.  That we move across timespace in along threads of personal heroism, weaving and interweaving through a great Ocean of subtle vibration, a web of interconnected synchronicity.

Such is the real cloud atlas of our lives, the underlying tapestry of circumstance and kismet in which we see that every event, every thought we have, every bit of trial and triumph upon our individual heroic journey is intricately connected to the many other Selves we meet upon the Path, all part of a singular and unified field of shared unfoldment.