Aethersphere - The fifth layer of the subtle landscape of Gaia. At this level form dissolves into it's primary components.

Air Element

The element of Air. One of the five primal elements that make up all the forms in the Creation.


Akasphere - The fourth layer of the subtle body of the planet where the geometries of existence can be seen.

axis mundi

Axis Mundi - The axis mundi is the subtle expression of one's nervous system and is the armature upon which one's karmic conditions are held.

Coordinates of Consciousness

Coordinates of Consciousness - The specific positions in space and time which correspond to where we are in the territories of the Stars and the Soil.

Cycles of Life

Cycles of Life - The natural cycles and rhythms of the mortal plane.


Deva - The elemental intelligences which make up the substance of Nature and the self.

Earth Element

The element of Earth. One of the five primal elements that make up all the forms in the Creation.

Element of Fire

The prime element of Fire. One of the five elements which make up all the forms in the Creation.

Element of Water

The prime element of Water. One of the five elements that make up the Creation.

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth - The ideal of return to the Garden, to embody the highest level of well-being one can achieve.

layers of the land

Layers of the Land - The five layers of the subtle body of the planet and which give rise to the landscapes of legend.

layers of the mind

Layers of Mind - Consisting of the conscious, subconscious, unconscious (collective), archetypes of consciousness and elements of consciousness.

ley lines

Just as we have a system of subtle energies which move through our body that can only be perceived when we open our awareness to…


All stories have a lineage. A line of time which stretches back beyond our individual self and it’s current form. As we investigate the patterns…

map and method

Map and Method - The map of our many realities and the methods we use to travel between them.

maps of your myth

Maps of your myth - The archetypical landscape of consciousness that lay beneath the surface of your story.


Mnemosphere - The third layer of the subtle body of Gaia, and is where our ancestral karmic patterns and collective consciousness exist.

mortal condition

Mortal Condition - Understanding that we are Divine intelligence being mortal and are defined by the cycles of life and death.


In the context of the “wood wide web,” mycelium refers to the vast network of fungal threads or hyphae that grow through the soil and…


Mythosphere - The second layer of the subtle body of the planet, corresponding to the subconscious mind and it's effect on one's story.

plant teachers

Plant Teachers - The deva essence within medicinal herbs that clarifies the consciousness and opens a window into the deeper self.

Principles and Expressions

To understand our movement along our sacred Path and it’s Land, we must understand the difference between principles and expressions, between the constant and changing qualities of our…

prism of perception

Prism of Perception - The lens through which we see and interpret the Creation.

rainbow road

Rainbow Road - The journey of personal development seen as a road of chromatic colors across the underlands. Also known as the bifrost or the rainbow…