Characters arrive along one’s timeline, and happen along the scenes in one’s story. They are the vessels for the shadows and the treasure which lay within the stars and the soil. As part of our journey through life, we play a character in the Great Story.

In the elements of our story characters embody qualities of consciousness along the path and are the vessel for shared karmic impressions in the field.

Like the characters from stories we play certain roles in our life, embodying the patterns in our lineage in cycles of repetition across the planet. Depending on the gender, age or other factors in our current timeline we take on different roles within each other stories. Sometimes we are the Queen. Sometimes we are the maiden. Sometimes we are the King, the Knight or the Tormentor. Yet whatever the roles we play are or our reactions and responses to them, they are ultimately all interchangeable, moving from one lifetime to another as we resolve the patterns within our lineage and our soul mission along the way.

It is from this concept that we get the idea of seeing other characters as “Goddesses” and “Gods”, and is the basis for the various mythologies and archetypes of engagement we have in the mortal plane.