Heart’s Desire

 In so many tales there is a moment when a being is offered a chance to attain their Heart’s Desire. Such is the classic draw of wishes and fables, the thing the heroine or hero finds must undertake a series of challenges to attain. In the world of fables, one’s Heart’s Desire is both the temptation and the treasure, depending on it’s usage. It is the prime motivating force that leads our Character across the landscapes of our tale; very often the definition of victory along one’s sacred quest. It can can many surface forms, from a beautiful and sacred Lover to sitting on the throne of one’s own Land to the fulfillment of one’s spiritual aspirations and everything in-between.  In the terms of the yoga of Story; this is defined as the deepened revelation into the dimension of our Heart. A dropping into what our heart truly desires and it’s fulfillment. It is the movement out of the busy thought-filled consciousness into an authentic revelation into our secret longing.In truth, this is what we all really want. Our Heart’s Desire. Such is the fulfillment of our particular fable, the achievement of our myth. When we have attained this lofty goal, we are in resonance with our soul’s purpose. Such is the place where our Heart sings. Where we feel the most aligned, the most fulfilled; most truly who we are meant to be. This is the essence of living one’s purpose. Of being in alignment with the seed within, the pattern of purpose that exists within the substance of our self. In this book, we take the perspective that there is a true desire. One that lives in the substance of the heart. Yet to truly perceive and receive this intention, we must learn to listen, to divine past the distorted patterns that sit within our consciousness so that the radiance that is our highest and most authentic purpose may be revealed