Karmic Repetition

Karmic repetition is the quality of karma repeating along the timeline of one’s story.

The quality of karmic repetitions along our timeline can be seen in every activity we perform, reaching from the daily rituals of life which give grounding and consistency to the repeated pathways we take to walk to or drive to a destination on the surface of the land, the repeated archetype of circumstances we encounter in our relatioships or a myriad of other ways.  It is a thing tied directly into the idea of liberation for it is these patterns that we wish to be liberated from.

This is related to the context of abundance, the receipt of which requires that we change the rigidity of imprisonment to the patterns that we have become comfortable with in order to step into new realms and realities of limitless quantum possibility.  Here, the nostalgia of living in the past is as much a death sentence to our personal evolution as the unwillingness to move through the trauma of those periods of life, for, despite the pleasantness or unpleasantness of their experience in the self, they are neutrally seen as repetitive patterns which deny us the movement towards a New World.

This can be difficult to accept as the very nature of our sense of self identity, of the lineage and history of who we consider ourselves to be, can be both empowering and imprisoning dependent on our entanglement and unconscious attachment. This is not to say that such things are not beautiful, or defining, but that self definition itself is a boundary, one which defines the range of possible opportunities for thought and evolutionart movement through its very existence. As seekers and adventures towards the new earth, it is empowering to us to see this quality of manifestation, and it’s maintenance for what it is rather than getting lost in an unconscious and unclarified romance, or revulsion, both of which serve to perpetuate its existence. It is, for this reason, the dissolution of the ego, which is to see the sense of self generated by its entangled attachment to the patterns within the body is the goal of yoga collaboration, as well as the efficiency of one’s ability to manifest new realities.

Our karma moves along of thread of life. Along our timelines.