There is no present without a past.  Welcome to the Journey Home, the chronology of Peter Fae's journey to create the Mythica and open a portal to the real magickal World.

The Journey Home is a documentary of the sacred Path through the Underlands of the Mythica and the discovery of the roads to Abundance and Grace.

Each year links to a series of Stories which shall be released over time as flashbacks from the current episodes of Into the Mythica, gradually revealing the backstory of the Quest to find the real magickal World and bring that World to the people.

As you read the episodes of my tale, stay tuned as the years of backstory gradually open, revealing the trials and triumphs that led to the Realization of the brighter reality that lay within our grasp.

May You be inspired by this tale, and travel deeper into your own Mythica, and live your Myth.

Sincerely, Peter Fae