Peter Fae

Author. Adventurer. Yogi.

There is no present without a past.  Welcome to the Journey Home, the chronology of Peter Fae's journey to create the Mythica and open a portal to the real magickal World.

The Journey Home is a documentary of the sacred Path through the Underlands of the Mythica and the discovery of the roads to Abundance and Grace.

As you read the episodes of my tale, stay tuned as the years of backstory gradually open, revealing the trials and triumphs that led to the Realization of the brighter reality that lay within our grasp.

May You be inspired by this tale, and travel deeper into your own Mythica, and live your Myth.

Sincerely, Peter Fae

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I’m Yeshua Lucis, the Author of the Seed Within, the second tale within this Temple of Story.

I’ve always believed there’s magic in the world. That there is a deeper purpose why we’re here, just beneath the surface. Throughout my life that seed of purpose has been pushing up through the soil of my being, striking met with the desire to help others see the depth and wonder of what it can mean to be a spiritual being having a human experience.

I answered the call to adventure after a dream where I was told, “Follow the synchronicity unceasingly and you will be led to a new reality.”

I followed my inner compass, led by the unfoldment. As I traveled the path I discovered different centers of Light, sacred sites, gatherings of emergent consciousness and eco-communities, and have met all manner of characters of a Great Story, all part of a grand renaissance in consciousness. I retreated to sacred lands, clearing my conscious to become the change I wish to see.

In 2016 I received a guiding vision, to share my voice with the world in service to the Awakening. Soon after, I met Peter Fae and joined him as an Author for Into the Mythica. I apprenticed with him, documenting my path to see the living proof the Mythica within my own life. I offer my tale to help you in your own Awakening and to see the Great Story that unites us all.

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Chronology of the Quest


Author.   Adventurer.   Guardian.

The Journey Home - The Tale of Peter Fae

I'm Peter Fae.  I'm the Creator of Into the Mythica and the Author of the Journey Home.

I have always lived in the World of magic.  Ever since I was a childe, I had a deep sense of the subtle energies that underlie our experience.  This led me to study and learn the arts of divination at a mystery school for many years, focusing into the substance of the elements that make up our experience and how to shift between the many realities of the Creation.

Over time, this blossomed into an understanding of the yoga of awareness itself, leading me eventually into an enlightenment into the Nature of the self and it's Path.  When I realized that many beings could not see this aspect of themselves or the Creation, I was seized with the calling to help beings to see the magic in their lives.  To recognize that they are so much more than they imagine themselves to be.

To demonstrate this to them, I created Into the Mythica, a publishing platform to show the nature of perception and manifestation as I saw it, phrasing that through a mystical Storybook that opened the Reader to the Worlds within the World.

Recognizing the zeitgeist of our shared journey to a more heavenly Earth, I tracked my journey from madness back to majesty along the rainbow bridge, witnessing the new World I encountered along the way as a proof that we could change the circumstances of our lives.  That we could step into a new paradigm of health, wholeness, Love and Light.


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