Atlas of Stories

There is a Pattern, beneath the moments when we meet each other.  A Great Story, where we are the Characters, the Heroines and Heroes of a new World.

It is the proof of the Truth, that there is no separation, that we are linked across time and space, Stars upon the Earth.

All our Stories are Connected.

Part of the Weaving of our Shared Unfoldment

This is a placeholder for a number of videos which showcase the Atlas of Stories in a grid

Welcome to the Great Story

This is the overview.  The Big Picture.  The vantage on our SHARED Stories and the places where they intersect that leads to the mapping out of our shared Awakening.  The beta concept that illustrates the larger Truth that there is no separation.

These are examples, of years from the Journey Home.  The first iteration of the conceptual framework of the Mythica, that all our Stories are connected, that there is a map of synchronicity that links us all together.  That there is a Great Story, of which we are an integral part, that proves there is no separation.  That everything happens for a reason.

To map out the Great Story, the beta of the Mythica links individual Characters together by the moments in which they all intersect.  Nodes, where our Stories cross each other, where our destinies were part of something larger.  A pattern, defining an entire World of synchronicity and kismet.  A cloud atlas of circumstance.  What in some cultures is called ‘Indra’s Net’, or the ‘akashic records’.  The mapwork of our underlying connections made manifest.

To create the latticework for such a revelation required a framing that showed both the journey of the Individual and the Collective within which they moved.  The larger, vaster web of our synchronies and resonance that lay just beneath the Surface of our awareness.  It is a massive undertaking whose objective is to witness and track the lines of destiny and dharma, providing firmament for the revelation of our shared journey to Heaven on Earth.

What is presented here is the beta, a sketch of the larger Story and the Characters that appeared in those moments, relating to particular Stories in the Mythica.  This is meant to show the larger overview not just of * my * heroic journey, but as a way of linking ALL our heroic journeys.  Of showing the much larger context in which our destinies are irrevocably connected.

As the Mythica unfolds, Authors will be able to create their Timeline, in which they document their heroic journey, their Story of transformation back to Paradise, to the revelation of their Life Purpose.  At the moments where their Timeline intersects anothers, the crossing it noted, and recognized, as part of our mutual unfoldment.  We witness the latticework of our shared circumstance.  We embark on our journey to understand our shared destinies.  Such forms the basis of the Mythica social network, a spiritual foundation for understanding the nature of the Path.

For more information on this, see ‘Timelines

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