Hallelujah – Song of the Mother

One of my favourite Moments on the Journey Home was during the 2014 episode "The Village of Peace" was walking in on this beautiful musical piece just as I had received a deep, deep blessing of the amrita, the pure energetic for of sustenance, from the Deva right above the Goddess Temple in the Shire of Ashland ... The article references ...

Song of the Butterfly

During the 'Kings & Butterflies' episode of the Journey Home, I am led to the mystical towne of Ojai by brother Niekko, there to witness the medicine of the butterfly come through the delicate fingers of one of his beloved allies.  Later, I am treated to a learning of how the butterfly totem came to her ... This article references ...

Honour the Desert Moon

This natural jam erupted during the 'Tribes of the Moon' episode of the Journey Home in 2016 ... This post references the following episode of the Journey Home

Prophecy in the Desert

This piece was created spontaneously while traveling through the desert sea of the City of Dreams in 2016.  It is the first meeting with the Green Glow and a deep initiation into a new level of the bardic .... The content of this articles comes from the following episodes of Into the Mythica
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Julie Woods

A major avatar of social justice and compassionate World change. Julie Woods is on a mission to Awaken the planet ... Most recently, I had the opportunity to witness Julie in her latest incarnation, bringing her message of compassion and Grace to the World at Zen Awakening, 2017. Her sacred works can be found here This avatar appears in these ...
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The Great Song with Peter Fae and Joshua Faust

In this episode, Peter Fae and Joshua Faust go into the nature of the Great Song, Collective Consciousness and the vibrational reality that lay beneath the surface. This takes place after Zen Awakening. This references the following Stories from Into the Mythica
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Shared Luminance

We are brought together in synchronicity. In kismet, we are sharing luminance, qualities of resonance that fulfill each others’ life purpose, that reveal each others’ seed within. We become aware that we are connected to the web of life. As a constellation of stars upon the Earth we grow brighter, revolving around the gravity of our shared Destiny. Together, as resonant Avatars, …

Notes from the Seed Within – Zen Awakening

I am experiencing the real results from the applied practices to transform my consciousness. I am living in a deeper octave of my own potential embodiment, in a God-like realization of my purposing and our shared awakening. I am in wonder of the magick and synchronicity that constantly unfolds before me, relative to the vibrational qualities within me. I trace …

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Cassie Craig

A character of the circus that appeared on the Path with Niekko Chin in the episode God Loves You. appears in this episode of the seed within appears in this episode of the journey home
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John Ricks

An character of circus and performance, and that of the rainbow family. He appeared on the Paths of the Journey Home and the Seed Within with King Niekko, in the episode God Loves You. Appears in these episodes of the seed within appears in these episodes of the journey home
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Danielle White

First appearing on the Journey Home during the "House of Bliss" episode of 2016, Danielle White holds the template of the Magdalene, of Sacred Sexuality and the Holy qualities of Water, amongst many other things. This avatar appears in these episodes of the Journey Home
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The Bardic Circle – Lord Byron & Peter Fae

[mepr-s3-video src="itm-theiris/byron-peter-bardic.mp4" image=""] Nearing the end of my time in Bali and the forging of the Mythica, realmsign occurs in the form of a bardic interaction with Lord Byron, drawing forth the Telling from us both and laying the golden threads for the tapestry of the Mythica, for the revelation of the Great Story and the honouring of the emergent Guardians, ...
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Frequency Healers at the Eclipse Water Blessing

[mepr-s3-video src="mythicavideos/Music-FrequencyHealers-EclipseWaterBlessing.mp4"] I received invitation to a water blessing ceremony on the day of the solar eclipse with the magickal community of Crestone. Unknowing of the events that lay before me, I simply came with open heart and mind. This is the Art of Arriving to life's magickal circumstances in synchronicity. In this way I witnessed this video of Frequency ...
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Mikael King

I first meet Mikael King, an Avatar from the sacred Mother Island of Kauai on the Island of the Gods in 2017 ... This avatar appears in these episodes of the Journey Home
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Mount Shasta

The sacred Mount Shasta, a resonance point of ley lines for many Avatars on the Quest …  

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Michael Agape

An Avatar of the emergent Garden residing in the magickal town of Crestone. Received the vision of the City of Light. Sovereignty. Kings and Queens. Synergy group. Malchezadec priest. Emergent Grail King... This avatar appears in these episodes of the seed within
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James Vogel

One of the first Characters on the Journey Home, James Vogel occurs for me as a fellow ambassador of Light and of Art, deeply embodying the energies of Making, of Fellowship, of the Right Use of Power and the emergent paradigm.  He is one of the founders of DOMLO, a center for evolving consciousness and art in Brooklyn. This avatar ...
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Paradox Pollack

A talented shapeshifter and embodiment of natural intelligence, Paradox Pollack firstappears in the Mythica during the 'Illumination' episode of 2012 ,  Amongst the many Avatars I have met I have a special appreciation for Paradox, for the textures I feel within his form draw from the same Sources as my Self, that of Story, Song, and Dance.  We share the ...
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Sarah Snow

Avatar of consciousness and embodiment of the nature Self, Death, Life, Surrender and transitions Sarah Snow appears on the Journey Home in 2017 during the "9 Angels" episode .... Origin Story   In the summer of 2016, Sarah had a Near Death Experience practicing Plant Medicine and Wildcrafting in the wild lands of British Columbia. Sarah is one of the ...
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Allowah Lani

First encounter on the Journey Home during the "Yoga Quest" episode of 2017, Allowah Lani embodies a deep understanding of the aspects of pre-Ascendent paradigm yogas as well as being a channel for the emergent evolution of the yogic ideal in the context of the New Paradigm. To discover more of the integrative and evolutionary yoga offered by Allowah Lani, ...
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Andrea Sullivan (Red Phoenix)

Andrea Sullivan, a.k.a. the Red Phoenix.  First encountered on the Journey Home in 2012 during the episode 'Universal Heroes', embodying a vast understanding of healing and personal transformation for the planet.  Andrea is the creator of Phoenix Healing Hands, a bright octave modality of healing which incorporates both ancient and emergent technologies for the healing of the vibrational distortions within ...
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Samson Love

It is in 2016 at the gathering called 'OneLove' that I first meet the Avatar known as Samson Love.  An accomplished avatar of the Kundalini Yoga teachings and Sound Healing, Samson is a teacher at Mythica Academy This avatar appears in these episodes of the Journey Home 2016 - "OneLove" 2016 - "Portal to the New Earth" 2016 - "The ...
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Places – Crestone

A magickal small town nestled near the crest of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. There are many spiritual centers and temples, representing different traditions. It is host to off-grid, sustainable living with a number of homesteads and eco-villages dotting the hillside and valley. A nexus point of the New World. Avatars come here to replenish their powers and receive the codes ...
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Node – The Alchemy of Fire

A great confluence of Avatars happened early in the Journey Home, in the mountains of what is called 'Santa Cruz' at an event called 'Firedance' .... This Node and Avatars relate to this Story on The Journey Home
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Patricia Faust

First encountered on the Journey Home in 2016 - "Dawn of the Dragon", I am led to the sanctuary of Patricia Faust by Gayatri, one of the great Oracles of the Galactic.  It is here, in her nurturing Queendom, that North and I have easement from the long journey .... One of the Grail Queens, Patricia holds the energy of ...