Understanding the Road to a New Reality

As adventurers on the journey to a new reality, we are describing a new way of looking at the human experience. Of looking at the process of being one thing on the road of becoming something else.

Unlike many spiritual systems which focus solely on the idea of being, the journey deeper into the Mythica is an exploration into the nature of becoming. Into the nature of the progression from one state of being to another across the underlying landscape of our experience.

What is the difference between being and becoming?

In our lives, we are always being something. Sometimes we’re being kind. Other times we’re being cruel. Sometimes we’re being clever. Other times, we’re being ignorant. Some of us are being a doctor. Others are being an artist. Some of us are being one gender or another, one nationality or philosophy or another. Still others are being something entirely different. Yet all of us some a common thread, we are all being something.

To put this in the context of the journey to a more heavenly and mystical version of our reality, there are many people who are being in scarcity and mundanity. Many who are being limited. Who desperately want to make the transition to being abundant. To being limitless.

This is the nature of becoming. It is the passage between being one thing on the way to being something else. It is the definition of all journeys, which start in one place and end up somewhere else.

Yet how do we get there?

What is the process of movement from being one thing to being something else?

In essence, how do we become that new thing? What is the nature of the road in which we travel?

To understand this, we must look at what we call our sacred Path and the Landscape upon which that path winds through the circumstances of our unfolding life.