Consciousness seen as a sculptural medium.  The holism of the many impressions throughout the layers of form.  The clay of consciousness from which all things are made.  Aether is the most primal, most formless aspect of form itself, where the gravity of self-identity has dissolved to the threshold of formlessness itself.

How this is relevant to your Path – 

In some realms of reference the Aether is referred to as the ‘field’.  It is the substance that we are divining, that which exists in the space of the Akasha.  In the idea of a swimming pool of infinite size, the aether would be the water.  The primal substance upon which the etching impressions of form are written into existence.

The Aether is what we reference when we divine and discern into the field.

Aether is a general term for the weave of the five elements which make up the whole of the Creation.  It is the concept of the field of matter itself, the primal substance which exists past the threshold of formlessness into form.