Ether Sea

The sea of ethers which can be perceived on the layers of the aethersphere. As travelers across the dimensions of life, our movements through that life exist on all layers of the land at once. The deepest of these layers is the ether sea, it is witnessing our passage across the ethers of consciousness like ships on a shifting tide. It is the ocean at the very edge of formlessness, when one’s passage moves past the sands of time into the fluidity that lay beneath form itself.

All things exist in the Ether Sea, for she is the liquidity of the forms beneath our forms. Every thought, every belief, every little bit of substance has weight here, rippling in repetitive patterns across the substance of the ether sea.

As we make the journey from one realm to another, we move across the ocean of colors that is the ether sea. Seen on this level of the subtle world, such realms are like islands and continents of form within that larger expanse.

In the cosmology of the Mythica, the Ether Sea is what becomes of the Sands of Time in the journey towards the dissolution of form itself.

Islands in the Ether Sea – The Underlands

There are islands in the Ether Sea. Continents and land masses which exist across the layers of the land. In the cosmology of the Mythica, these are known as the underlands, the lands beneath the land. They are the structures of the aka which form the realms of the mnemosphere and the mythosphere, and which arrive on our timeline in the terrasphere of the planet.

As with all aspects of the manifest world, this is defined by the movement from form to formlessness, from the most rigid surface of our experience to the more malleable and liquid aspects of our existence. As the underlands are the vibrational landscapes of the individual and collective subconscious across the planet, they exist in the ether sea, paralleling the continents and land masses of the surface layer of the earth.

What must always be understood here is that the ether sea, the underlands and the many realms of our experience exist within what we see as our surface life. They are the aspects of the Creation which mirror our internal electromagnetic pattern and are discovered along the rainbow road.

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