The Akashic Compass

The Akashic Compass

The compass is the way we navigate the landscape of the magical World. It is how we map the subtle lands of our inner experience with the surface lands of the Earth.  It is the way we recognize the specific realms we move through on the Maps of the Mythica.

In the context of Into the Mythica, all Paths walk on the roots and branches of the World Tree, moving between the many realms of the Tree along the rainbow road. We use the Compass to divine the realms we are traversing in the landscapes of legend.

To help clarify the nature of that movement and the physics that underlie all our Stories of return to a more heavenly Earth, the Akashic Compass was created. A way of showcasing the subtle landscapes of the Mythica.

The compass is fundamental to understanding the landscapes of legend. It is a divination device meant to help illuminate the realms through which we travel. Such is the way we track the realms of the World Tree.

Designed to showcase the territories of both the surface and subtle landscapes of our experience, we use the Mythica compass to track the realms of our journey along the rainbow bridge.

As a means of navigation across the many realms of Gaia, the compass acts to show our position both in the surface and subtle aspects of our path. Through the various positions of the dials and the archetypes we feel we are embodying, we clarify our position across the many realms of the Mythica.

Divining the Landscapes of Legend

To help navigate one’s way across the landscapes of legend, the Akashic Compass was designed. Each Author of the Mythica has their own way of presenting their journey through the Compass, their own way of showing the movement through the landscapes of legend.

As Author’s, we’re having the opportunity to discuss our shamanic journey. To showcase the archetypes and energies that we experience in the journey of our life. With the compass, we’re showcasing those energies in a spatial way, mapping our alchemical transformations with the actual landscape we travel on the Earth.

There are many ways of divining our sacred Path. Ways of interpreting the energies which are present in our life and how to move through them.

This can come in any form, from tarot cards to astrology, from human design to yoga.

Yet while their outer forms change, the essence of divination remains the same, it is a tool to help us communicate with the Universe. To divine the energies in our life and legend so as to make wiser decisions. To reach our goals and our dreams.

When we understand that our journey through life is a psychoemotional one across a landscape of archetypes, what we are tracking with the Compass and along the Rainbow Road becomes clear.


Like any form of divination, the compass uses images to communicate the messages and guidance along one’s Path from Divine Intelligence.

What makes the compass unique is that the divination relates to one’s current reality and it’s relationship to the actual landscape of Gaia, blending classic divination with real-world exploration of realities, walking the rainbow road to the manifestation of a more heavenly Earth.

The idea here is that where you are on your Path is a collection of the five basic elements, and that your Path happens on the Land.  On your particular branch of time and space on the World Tree.

The Reflection of our Rainbow

There is always a subtle geography to our experience. A vast territory of vibrational patterns that makes up the landscape we walk on our sacred Path.

As we walk along the rainbow road, we move across a vast territory of vibrational archetypes, sharing a landscape of synchronicities with others in the physical world, literally moving through the geography of our own inner vibrational state.

Using the Compass


The lenses of the compass are parts of the divination, showcasing the various influences one is having in their life and where they feel they are at in the landscapes of legend.

Each of the lenses of the compass serves a different function in the narrative. The primary lens is like a looking glass through which one gazes into the landscape of their heroic journey. The middle-sized lens represents the archetype one feels they are embodying in the moment, and the third lens shows the elemental energy we are working with.

Together, these act as a divination tool, showcasing images and elements related to the subtle landscape one is moving through, helping us to recognize and navigate our Path.


Because each of our experiences of the Path are unique, the compass is different for each Author, showcasing the divination they are having that is relevant for their unique seed of the World Tree.

In a teaching way, this is meant to show Readers that we all have our own compass, our own way of speaking with the Universe. It is up to us to discover the language of our own legend.


There are an infinite amount of ways that one can see the realms that they travel through their compass. Different visions of how we perceive the archetypical realms we travel through on our sacred Quest. Yet while there is infinity variety within them, there are also constants, vibrational archetypes that occur on across all Quests.


Because each of our experiences of the Path are unique, the compass is different for each Author, showcasing the divination they are having that is relevant for their unique seed of the World Tree.

In a teaching way, this is meant to show Readers that we all have our own compass, our own way of speaking with the Universe. It is up to us to discover the language of our own legend.

The Compass is directly related to the Law of Reflection. It acts as a means of divining the energies that we are currently moving through in our subconscious landscape. It is a means of interpreting our experience, a personal tool of inner divination as it relates to our movement along the timeline of our story.

This goes deep. To move through the realms of interpretation is to look through an infinite set of eyes, each experience their own landscape of legend, their own experience of the many realms of the Creation. As such, each individuals compass is their own, made up of the archetypes that arrive on their unique Quest.

Yet while everyone’s interpretation of the archetypes in their lives is unique, there are constants, energetic qualities in the substance of the akasha which are the basis of our experience. These are the distinctions, the qualities of vibration which are the essence the worlds.


The Compass shows where You are in the Realms

The monomyth of the heroic journey exists for a reason. While all Stories are unique, they are also the same, all moving through a landscape of trials and triumphs across a landscape of archetypes. With the compass, we show those archetypes, revealing the subtle level of interpretation of our experience in it’s authentic mythos.

Through the use of the compass, we get to show the archetypical terrain that our Path unfolds on. To reveal the major and minor arcana of the heroic journey across one’s sacred Story.

Here, we can show the movement through the realms of Shadow, the movement through the realms of Expansion, the challenges and triumphs along the way, shown as the archetypical landscape of our journey along the branches of the Tree.

In this way, we get to see our Character in a new light. To examine the myth that is embodying as our life.

For example, one can discover a house or a treescape on their journey that embodies the subtle vibration of a mystery school.

They could show that on the compass like this. Here, the character archetype of the Wizard is prominent with the elemental energies of Water, and the lens of the Compass shows a mystical school.

In this way, we are making a divination. An inquiry into what archetype we are currently embodying, and what the energies of our Quest are reflecting back to us.

Where are we, in the landscape of our legend? What are the vibrations that make up our subtle reality? What Character are we playing in the Great Story?

It’s up to us. Here, the Compass could show one embodying the archetype of the Knight, moving through the element of Fire, in a place of conflict.

In another example, the compass can be used to showcase one’s movement through the Priestess archetype, working with the element of Water, in the realms of the Rose.

These are only a few ways of using the compass to track the elements of one’s reality through your Story. As Readers, you are encouraged to read the Author’s stories, to see how they use the compass to reveal the World Tree and the realms they travel along it’s branches.


In the Mythica we show how the individual timelines of our lives are connected to others through a subtle network of roots and branches known as the World Tree

In essence, the compass helps us to divine our journey along the roots and branches of the World Tree. Showcasing the branch of our movement across the landscapes of legend.

Through the lens of the compass, Mythica Authors showcase the subtle landscape of their Path, the realms upon the World Tree that they travel on their sacred journey.

The Compass Divines the Land

While most systems of divination work with the ethers of personality, the Akashic Compass integrates this journey into the actual landscape of the World, providing a context for our sacred Path and the landscape of our personal Quest.

The Compass is distinct from other tools of divination in that it works with where you are on Gaia, showing how one’s position on the planet, where they are in the vast cosmology of Sun, Stars, Seasons and cycles, is integral to the understanding of where we are in our inner world of resolving archetypes.