Coordinates of Consciousness

You live in the substance of your self

The whole of it is this – You live in the prism of your own perception. In the manifest reality of the vibrational colors that make up our karmic substance. Such is the basis, the gravity which defines all self-development, all mystical teachings and the idea of agency itself. We live in the substance of our own consciousness, in the manifest reality of our own rainbow of colors.

When we understand this, we realize that our movement from one reality of conditions to another along our rainbow road is a movement through the vibrational impressions of our self, through the colors of our consciousness and what we share with others in the manifest world.

The Cross of Consciousness

Think of a cross with two perpendicular lines, one vertical and one horizontal. At the center of those lines is a single point, the singularity of gravity in which any individual reality exists.

Coordinates of consciousness – The Tree of the World