Academy Fundamentals - The Friendly Universe

If there is any one thing that we can do to change our circumstance for the better, it is to recognize that God is Good.  That the perennial, constant nature of the Divine emanation is positive, always trying to assist us through our circumstance, always moving towards more awareness, more Love, and more expansion.  When we understand this, when this becomes the firmament of our relationship with the Creation, we have a constancy, a benchmark with which to compare our thoughts and beliefs, to find easement through the confusion that is the unrealized and ignorant state to Knowing what Truly Is.

In the Journey Home, there were many times that I questioned the fundamental nature of this Universe.  Many times when I despaired, when I doubted, when I raged against the vibrations of the material plane.  Where I questioned how a supposedly benevolent God could allow such terrible suffering to exist.  Nor was I alone in this.  All across the Worlds, beings of all walks of life, of all the many octaves of awareness, would ask, why was this happening? Was there truly a purpose to it all? And was that purpose benign? If God’s true nature was Love, endless, ongoing Love, then what created our circumstance?

For me, the trials of the Journey Home would be the Answer.  A living testimonial to the actual nature of the Divine, a proof that all things have a reason, that all things have a season, and that though we walk through the valley of the shadow of doubt, lost in the midnight of our own unknowing, that Dawn is always inevitable.  That God is Good, despite what it seems from our limited horizon.

Knowing this Truth, understanding this one, constant Truth, is the fundamenetal key to transforming the distortions of our mind.  It is our rock, our grounding, the thing that defines all other things.  When we know this, when we truly understand that God is Good, we find the strength to carry on, knowing that we are supported, that we are encouraged, that there is Hope behind the trials and triumphs of our lives.

Our Quest can be difficult. As we make the journey towards self-realization, we are not often capable of seeing the underlying reasons for why things happen. From such a place of ignorance and resolving shadows, it is easy to believe that we are not Loved, that we are not supported by a benevolent Divinity and a loving, supportive Universe which seeks to help us correct the imbalances on our Path.

When we experience these agitations within our consciousness, it tightens up the flow of prana through our nervous system, which inhibits our access to the abundance and expansion that is our birthright. Therefore, it becomes deeply important to remind ourselves that despite how things appear in the moment, we live in a Friendly Universe which wishes to support us.