The Rainbow Road

The Rainbow Bridge

Central to the journey deeper into the Mythica is the understanding of the rainbow bridge, what in some interpretations is called the bifrost, or the rainbow road.  It is the road of Becoming, that which passes between different realities upon the Tree of Life.

The rainbow bridge is intrinsically linked to the World Tree in the sense that when we change our inner landscape, we arrive at a new set of circumstances in the physical world.  This is the idea of “As Within, So Without” viewed as a chromatic mirror.  It is the understanding that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and is the basis for our movement between the many realms and realities on one’s sacred Path.

There is a rainbow beneath the road.  A bridge between the many karmic conditions which manifest in our lives.  It is our personal rainbow, the tone and timbre of our chakras which manifest as our current reality.

As we move along our path, we walk the rainbow of our own reality, moving through synchronicities along our timeline that reflect our current inner state.

How it fits together

In order to make the journey from one reality to another, we must change the hues of our inner rainbow, shifting the colors along the spine of our chakras that defines our current reality.  As we do this, we walk the rainbow bridge, the road between realities.

The rainbow road is an intrinsic part of the World Tree, making up the chromatic substance of the trees roots and branches and thus the underlying landscape of our sacred path along the Tree.

As we move along our timeline, we walk along our own personal rainbow road through the many realms of our Story.   It is this movement that we track through the maps of the Mythica.