All things serve the agenda of God, arriving in the perfect form to fulfill their function of assisting the people towards the unfoldment of their sacred Gifts.  What things look like on the surface is but the echo of what they truly are, manifestations of vibrational qualities necessary for our evolution.  Though into the Mythica primarily presents her information in the mystical genre, this is merely the authentic style of her Authors.

In Truth, all things are mystical.  Nothing is truly mundane, only the way we look at it.  All things serve.  Wearing a suit and tie is no less mystical than any other tribal marking.  It is simply how things appear on the surface.  Like our human Selves, coming to recognize the much deeper aspect of our blossoming potential, all things are much deeper than what they appear to be on the surface.  In my sacred service as a witness to the Ascension, all beings that have arrived in significance on the Path are to be honoured.

In this context, special thanks goes out to Brendon Burchard and his most exalted offerings of the Experts Academy and the High Performance Academy.  Without a doubt, these institutions of marketing and commerce were instrumental in the formation of the strategies of service that are at the core of the Mythica project.  As a newcomer to this plane and having primarily lived a mystical life in the mountains and traveling as part of my service to the Divine, I had little experience in the World of marketing and the presentation of my sacred Gifts in a way that fulfilled one of the primary agendas of the Mythica – to heal the wound of Value within my own Self and others, such that we could all step into the Abundance and expansion that is our birthright.

It was during 2013 – “Family & Fortune” that I received an inspiration from God to attend what was called the ‘Experts Academy’ by the Brendon Burchard.  I had been disheartened by the blatantly manipulative ways in which ‘marketing’ and ‘sales’ were approached in the mainstream World, and longed for something more exalted, something that had a more redemptive relationship with the deva of Abundance and Commerce, that worked with the fundamental energy of Value in a way that truly served the People.  I found this in Burchard’s Experts Academy, which I attended twice, once by myself and the next with the avatar of Love, Dakota Chanel.  Next I wold visit his High Performance Academy,  bringing with me fellow avatar Michael Ravenwood, where we were destined to intersect in synchronicity with Kriyanna Feyalove, one of the high priestesses of Cascadia, proving once more the physics of the quest and the Atlas of Story that link us all.

Much thanks to these venerable institutions and the vibration of Service that defines Brendon Burchard’s agenda, for their instrumental education in the dissemination and monetization of ideas in service to the highest Good.