Maps of the Mythica

There is a map to the magical world.  To the location discovered by the Authors on their exploration of the Mythica.  Yet to discover such places, we must travel the strings of synchronicity, encountering them along the way.  When we do, we share them, gradually building out a map of our travels.

Below, discover Locations discovered by the Explorers of the Mythica

The Surface Lands

The Subtle Lands

Existing simultaneous with the surface landscape of our Path is the subtle topography of our quest, our movement through the chromatic colors of our inner and outer world.  These realms, while a fundamental part of the landscape of legend we move through on our sacred journey, are more challenging to discover, yet are the true landscape of our heroic journey.  They are the realms of archetypes and avatars, of the subconscious and the subtle, the myths and legends that underlie our personal stories.

Such is the realm of the Mythica  – the lands beneath the land.