‘Maps of Betrayal and Honor’

There is a land beneath the land. A topography of subtle elements which sits beneath our story. A land below the land. When we move along our Path, along the Land as it appears on the surface of the world, we simultaneously move through the subtle version of that landscape, through the electromagnetic colors which make up our personal rainbow road.

We are always moving through the underlands, through the energetic and archetypical landscape that exists below the surface of our perception. They are the karmic landscapes, the vast territories of primal patterns which exist in the world.

Like all the underlying qualities which define our movement across the Akasphere of Gaia, these grand archetypes play out through our mythologies, modern-day manifestations of patterns of separation and distortions still present in the roots and branches of our lives. Along my story this played out as a movement through the archetypical energies of betrayal and honor, through a repetitively yet gradually changing pattern in my relationships along the timeline of my story.

In real terms this meant I went through a lot of betrayals and abandonment from people who I called friends, beings who did not even afford me the basic respect of communication, where there was no opportunity to reconciliation over real or imagined slights.

I’m not alone in this. In our shared journey to a brighter world we all face the equally shared distortion, the quality of the Aka of consciousness which form the constellations of our story, facing the patterns regarding that quality across the pages of history and our many roles, what are known in some sciences as the karmas of life herself.

The map above is a look into the underlands of the Mythica, into the elemental landscapes and their redemption along the passage of the rainbow road. It is a way of seeing the gradual progression along the timeline of my story, the over-arching landscape of archetypes and their elements which made up both my Path and it’s Land.

I say gradual for a reason, because the patterns in the landscape of our legend repeat, spiraling along our timeline across many different relationships. While we may do the work to change their substance, it’s essence carries a quality of mystery, of Mystos, for we do not know when it will change and must have faith that it will.

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