Clearing Shadows – Journey to Hearth and Home

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When we understand that our journey through consciousness happens simultaneously in both our inner and outer world, we start to see that we are moving through a landscape of archetypical qualities, vibrational territories which are the true landscape of our heroic journey. As we move through this landscape, we face the distortions within those qualities, the “shadows” or traumas related to their more purified essence which manifests as the subtle landscape of our life. It is this landscape, made of these subtle qualities expressing as our manifest circumstance, which we move through on our journey.

For example – Many beings with to live in conditions of Heart and Home. They wish to live in the harmonious, easeful, honorable and clarified version of what it means to have a hearth and a home. This could be a warm fire, loving family, connections with siblings good food, all signs of a pleasant experience.

Yet very often, we do not live in these circumstances. In one way or another, there are issues, distortions from that ideal that must be traversed along the way. Realms of vibration which must be divined, discerned and discovered to reach that goal. Since the Aka of Hearth & Home is often associated with the nurturing element of the Feminine, reaching this manifestation often involves the clearing of our relationship with that archetypical quality, a thing which generally involves healing the subconscious patterns in our relationship with our mother and with the much larger Mother of the Earth herself. Often, this also involves the clearing of sexual wounds, for the sense of safety, of coming to a place of nurturing warmth and caring is the opposite of what the trauma of sexual damage creates.

What can be done about it

The basis of the movement to a new reality is about changing our inner vibrational patterns. In order to do this, we must find the places inside which are manifesting our circumstances and apply practices to change them.

The basic formula for this starts with awareness. With consciously holding our body in our awareness and feeling into the areas which are reacting to our circumstance. From there, we may begin a practice of moving relating with those vibrations, dissolving and transforming them.

To do this, sit in a comfortable place. Relax into your body as best as you can. Bring your awareness down into your form, caressing and holding it the way you would an infant. Be gentle. Be kind, for it is our judgments on the most minute of levels, our shame and blame and continued agitation that we are trying to heal.

Breathe. In your mindseye, bring up the situation that you are upset with. Feel where it arrives in your body. This is your point-of-contact with the quality. It is the divination and then discernment of what is happening.

Once you have done this, connected with the energy, you may start to move with it. For doing this, one of the strongest of invocations is one of forgiveness. Of sending forgiving energy into that aspect of your body. Forgiving our self for the circumstances along our Quest.

Do this for ten minutes, gradually giving forgiveness to the area where you are feeling difficulty. Stop when you feel something shift. Know that even if you do not feel something shifting, the very act of invoking awareness and forgiveness changes the shape.

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