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Pattern beneath the Path

Pattern beneath the Path – The signature karmic pattern which lay beneath the surface of our story, also known as our mythos.

As we move along the timeline of our heroic adventure we are in a constant state of divination into the nature of our path and it’s land. It is an inquiry into the very nature of the meaning of life, into our purpose and the relationship with intention and manifestation that relates to our Divine mission and Heart’s Desire. In the cosmology of the Mythica, this is known as the pattern beneath the path, the akashic impression which defines who we are and our movement through the many realms of the Creation along the rainbow road.

When we engage in the act of conscious evolution, we are both divining into the substance of our pattern and the means to change it, working to find the subconscious and deeper impressions which give rise to our current conditions and the proper alchemy to apply to change them. This is a unique and personal experience for all beings, one that is happening constantly as they move along their timeline through the scenes in our story.