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The art of working with the prime elements to create an effect. Also known as a kriya, invocation, affirmation, or an intention. All spells are made of aka, the qualities of consciousness wrought into a form. When those forms achieve enough karmic substance, they manifest into the world.

Spellcraft lay at the core of all self-development techniques, which essentially work with the elements of the mind to transform consciousness and thus transform one’s reality. While it has many names across the worlds of the Creation, these are simply the art of branding the same fundamental action – which is to change something into something else.

There are many forms of spellcraft, yet all of them relate to the elements arranged into certain forms which then give rise to talents and skills in the world. The key to this understanding is recognizing that from this perspective, everything is an act of magic, all karmic impressions within the ethers of the Creation affects the substance of one’s reality. In this way, everything we do, everything we think, every act we take and it’s effect is an act of spellcraft.

This is the truth of spellwork at it’s core. However, when we normally speak of spellcraft, we are referring to change through subtle means. as compared to change by gross means. We are referring to the action of recognizing the principle of “As Above So Below – As Within So Without” in our lives as the primary and doing the subtle inner work to transform our subconscious karmic impressions so as to effect change in the outer world from the inside-out.