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As Above So Below – As Within So Without

The quintessential phrase of the mystic arts, implying that what we encounter in our outer world is a reflection of what exists within, and that what we experience in the heavens of perspective is mirrored in the earth. In the cosmology of the Mythica this principle finds it’s expression through the axis mundi.

The principle of it is simple, yet it’s expressions are endless. It is the idea that we are the center of our universe, that we live in the conditions of consciousness that are strung upon our unique tree of life. It is the idea that whatever we are experiencing in our outer experience it is a reflection of the substance of the ethers which make up our character in the Great Story, and that by changing the substance within, we change the manifestation without – for they are one and the same.

In psychological terms this is the movement through the layers of one’s subconscious to discover their relationship with our outer experience. In the Mythica we expand on this understanding with the realization that there are layers of the land to our story, to the ripple of consciousness that is our passage through the world.