The Story is bigger than You.  All Paths are connected.  There is no separation.

Core to realizing our sacred Quest is the realization that there is no separation.  That all of our destinies, all of our Quests, are linked.  That we move across the Creation along threads of personal heroism, weaving and interweaving through a great ocean of subtle vibration, a web of interconnected synchronicity whose nodes reveal the bigger picture of our shared unfoldment.

As we expand our vantage from the singular threadline of our personal Story, we come to see ALL threadlines, all timelines, are threads in a much larger tapestry.  A Great Story that connects all of us, mapping out the much larger World of our shared synchronicities and connections.

You are a Character in the Great Story

In the context of the Mythica, we are viewing our self as a avatar of consciousness, a character that is part of a much larger Story of human awakening, whose Quest is to discover and embody the precious seed within that aches to blossom it’s Gift to the World.  We are outlining a yoga of incarnate embodiment, clearing the distorted patterns that have defined the previous Age such that we may be the vessel for a new and brighter Present.

In this framework, the interweave of our personal storylines forms a map of synchronicity exist in an atmosphere of Gaia that is always present, yet requires deep awareness to perceive, which we call the ‘Akasphere’, named for the threads of the akasha, sometimes referred to as ‘aka threads’ that make up the timelines of our individual lives.

Within the Akasphere we may then witness that play of our many threadlines of Story and the synchronicities which reveal our collective unfoldment as the roots and branches of the World Tree, the neural network of Divine intelligence that underlie all events. It is how we SHOW that we are all connected, unique parts of the grand Awakening that is our shared unfoldment.

It is when we shift our vantage to this much larger perspective, that we see how we are all individual Characters, with our own sacred timelines, connecting with each other on our many adventures like constellations of stars upon the Earth.

See the Big Picture

Such is the real cloud atlas of our lives, the underlying tapestry of synchronicity and kismet in which we see that every event, every thought we have, every bit of trial and triumph upon our individual heroic journey is intricately connected to the many other selves we meet upon the Path, all part of a singular and unified field of shared unfoldment.

When we see things from this vantage, it is easier to understand the Truth that we are a Collective consciousness, many points of view within a singular entity.Yet to get to this point of view is challenging, for it requires a way of seeing that has embodied it’s Knowing.

As we come to see this, we see how our individual seeds come together, revealing the emergent World of the New Paradigm.  To illuminate the nature of this great skein of timespace, revealing a vision into the Great Unfoldment, is why the Mythica was created.

There is a map to our myth. A landscape to our legend. A way of seeing the much bigger pattern of which we are all a part. Of seeing the many threads of our timelines weaving together into a tapestry of deeper meaning.

As a teaching platform, Into the Mythica is designed to showcase this larger thing, illuminating the nodes of our shared circumstance along the timelines of our lives as a way of revealing the deeper collective unfoldment going on through our many Stories.