The Heroic Landscape

Navigating Your Path

Each one’s Heroic Journey across the timeline of their life is unique.  It is Your sacred Path, the spiritual journey through the circumstances of our lives.  Like a Path through the forest, through a cityscape, across the territories of the World, it winds through many different environments.  Different realms and topographies.

While many beings understand the concept of the physical roads we move through, the maps and terrain of our adventure as can be seen on an ordinary map.  This is the Surface road, the Path as it is seen on the surface of awareness.

Yet beneath this, there is another road.  A Subtle road, which parallels our journey, mapping our movement across the realms of the our vibrational unfoldment.  And while it is not as easily seen, such is the map of the the real territories of our Awakening, the intricate subtleties that define our movement towards the revelation of who we really are.  Such is the most difficult yet rewarding understanding of the World of the Mythica, for it reveals not only our Heroic Journey, but the Landscape upon which that journey travels.


When most beings think of a map, they think of roads, of oceans and forest, sidewalks, mountains, and other aspects of their reality.  Yet in the context of the Mythica, this is merely the Surface perception of a much larger, more intricate topography.  The Surface of the Land.

To understand the Heroic Landscape upon which one’s journey progresses, we must see the relationship between the Surface and Subtle perceptions of the Land.

As with all aspects of the magickal World, this is directly related to awareness, the ability to see the vibrational nature of our circumstance and how it relates to our Heroic Journey.

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Realms of the Mythica
(The Sacred Lands)

Everyone wants to live in a better World.  A place of Love, Fellowship and Grace.  Where magick and wonder are real.  There is a road to Heaven on Earth.

The True Nature of the Universe

God is Good.

We are all on a Heroic Journey to return to the Abundance that is our birthright.  A movement to the fulfillment and revelation of our Divine Purpose.  It is a magickal adventure, across a vibrational landscape of different realms.  It is a journey from the realms of scarcity and confusion to magickal World that is our true birthright.

Into the Mythica shows the roads of the Surface and Subtle perception of our reality, mapping out the mythical landscape where all our Stories meet.  The Mythica is unique in that she focuses on not only the Heroic Journey of the individual, but the landscape through which that journey moves, and the intersection of the Characters and Archetypes that appear on that Quest, revealing the deeper topography of the World of real magick.  This is crucial for understanding the larger World of which we play a unique part.

Central to this is the idea of the Aina, the sacred Land.  In the context of the Mythica this refers to the natural World in Her splendor, the powers of Nature and the energies and vitality that come from a redeemed relationship with the Earth.

Understanding the concept of the Aina within the Mythica is essential for moving between the realms of our potential realities.  We must understand the nature of Heaven on Earth and what it means to clear our way back to our birthright of fellowship, Grace and Wonder.

Nature Heals Us All         

“The King(Queen) and the Land are One.” – John Boorman’s Excalibur, 1977

We all want to come Home.  To live in the Abundance, the Health, the Wholeness that is our birthright.  Yet to do this, we must heal, on the deepest of levels, clearing not only the distortions and disharmonies in our lives as they appear on the Surface, but in the very firmament of who we believe ourselves to be.

It is this journey, this return to wholeness, that is our movement deeper into the Mythica.  Into the more robust version of our reality.  Our healing is always related to that which is larger than our Self.  A return to the Land from whence we came.

The Land is Bigger than We Are

Universal Truths are simple things.  Easily understood when we stand in right relationship.  As human beings, we stand upon the firmament of the planet.  We rely on the ground … not the other way around.  The Land is Bigger than We Are.  She is the foundation upon which we exist.

Without the Land, there would be no Paths to walk on.  Without the firmament beneath us to give us context, there would be no Story.

To heal and transform our lives, we must return to the Land.  We must redeem our relationship with the sacredness of Life itself, with the elemental intelligence that is the living Garden of the planet.  It is a thing directly related to our Heroic Journey, our sacred movement to the revelation of our Life Purpose and the embodiment of Heaven on Earth.

Realms of the Mythica
The Surface and the Subtle

God is Good.  Abundance is our birthright.  As we journey deeper into the Mythica, we must face the vibrational patterns that are out-of-alignment with this Truth.

The Subtle World
(Realms of the Mythica)

What we encounter on the surface perception of our awareness is but an echo of the Real World which lay beneath.  A movement across a landscape of vibrational realms, all of which relate to the evolution of our particular Self, our heroic journey towards the revelation of the Gift that lay within us.  Understanding this is crucial to navigating one’s way to Heaven on Earth.  When we understand that the circumstances of our Life have a vibrational basis, and that we are moving through the specific realms of that vibration, we start to get a glimpse of the Real World that lay beneath the surface, of which our surface experience is but a shadow.

In the context of the Mythica, this is a movement along the roots of the World Tree, the underlying weave of our individual and collective destinies across the surface and subtle aspects of the Aina, the sacred Land of Myth.

Realms.   The Worlds beneath the World. Such are the territories of our heroic journey, the landscape of vibrational textures that make
up the multiverse of our potential manifestation. We are constantly traveling across the Akasha, the subtle aspects of the sacred Aina. The Lands, Above, Below, and In-Between.

Realms are at the core of the Mythica.  The basis of the landscape of the Worlds of our manifestation.  In many ways, I built the Mythica to clarify the realms; first for my Self, and then for others.  To provide a way to understand what they were and how to move from one realm to another.

When one understands the nature of realms; they understand the nature of all manifestations, of all Worlds; of all Selves; within the Creation.  They are integrally tied into the nature of Self and it’s movement from one realm to another.

In the terms of the Mythica; one’s realm is synonymous with one’s state of being.  They are the vibrational circumstances of one’s current embodiment manifest from the most subtle level onward.  To be in a state of madness is to live in a realm of madness; a psychic circumstance that is also a physical circumstance.  To live in a realm of abundance is the same; one lives in a psychic and physical circumstance of the vibrational timbre of abundance.

This pattern exists for all states of being = all types of realms.  And there are many, many, many realms.  Just as the potential manifestations of our reality are infinite; so are the realms to which we may travel.

The Brightlands and the Shadowlands

The Heroic Journey travels through many realms.  Many different perspectives.  Some of them are dark.  Some are them are bright.

In the context of the Path, these can be considered the Brightlands and the Shadowlands.  The clarified or distorted versions of your potential reality.  These are integrally tied into one’s point-of-view, which is a by-product of their current vibration.  Our journey is across sa landscape of these realms, where we clear the imprints within the prism of our Self (see Physics of the Quest) so as to move into ever more redeemed and expansive aspects of our reality.

In simple terms – When we are in a dim, scarce vibration, when things are tight and unhealthy, we are in the Shadowlands.  We cannot See.  The energy of our Self is clouded, and we cannot see the beauty or Grace that surrounds us.  In contrast, when we are expansive, when we are aligned with the Goodness and Grace that is the True nature of the Universe, when we experience openness of our energy and our perspective, we are in the Brightlands.

Movement across the Heroic Landscape is an energetic act, one in which we travel through many realms of potential manifestation.


Parallel Worlds

In the context of the Mythica, all realities exist here, in the physical planet that we walk upon, at different moments in Space, Time, and the Depth of our being.  When we speak of ‘moving to a reality that occurs on a different vibration’, we are speaking of changing our own vibration, which changes the reality we live within.

Simply put, the realms You live in are the manifestation of the qualities and quantities of your own vibrational makeup.  This includes your thoughts, your experiences, your synchronicities; Life Purpose; dreams, hopes, distortions and clarities; EVERYTHING.  These qualities and quantities, part of the current structure of your Self; create a halo of manifestation around the prism of your being; manifesting as your current reality.  Your current realm of existence.

In the context of the Mythica; as we change the qualities, the vibrational tones and timbres within our Self; the splay of colours in our halo changes; manifesting as new circumstance; new thoughts; new energies and encounters.  We literally move from one reality to another.  From one realm to another.

The realms of these Lands in this context form the landscape of the Mythica.  They are the vibrational qualities of the various dimensions and manifestations through which we move on our journey.  They are the fields, the mountains, the hills and rivers of different vibrational textures upon which winds our sacred Path.

To move between realms is no small achievement; for such requires the changing of the current timbres of vibration that define one’s Self.  One cannot continue to be the same person they were being and exist in a new realm.  To live somewhere new one must become someone new.  They must be unattached to the thoughts, feelings, beliefs; imprints and the like which had previously defined their sense of Self-definition.  Their previous realm; and be capable of allowing those things to change, thus facilitating a new manifestation.  This is the unavoidable fact of manifestation; to live in a realm You must BE that realm; for the realms are a reflection of the prism of your current Self.

In terms of the journey across the Mythica; when an adventurer is experiencing the shifting tones of the realm of their current being and moving into a new realm (a new state of being); they are considered to be passing through a realmgate.  An energetic threshold made of the difference in timbre between one realm and another.

Shared Realms
You are Not Alone

Synchronicity and Realms – The Map of Worlds

We are not alone in the realms.  Though some realms are more sparsely populated than others; all realms are shared by beings whose Selves are made of those particular vibrational qualities; occurring in the planes of manifestation at specific moments in space, time, and the depth of one’s being.  Such forms the basis of the cloud atlas of our kismet and synchronicity; the moments in which we intersect with other beings in the very real, very physical reality.  If one cultivates their attention; they can begin to see a pattern of particular beings; sharing particular vibrational imprints; textures in their prism of Self; occurring at specific moments in each other’s Path.  This quality of physics, this quality of shared realms forms the basis of and is revealed in the synchronicity of our encounters; forming the map of our manifest Worlds.

There is no separation between our personal process and the physical Universe through which we move.  Everything we encounter on our Path is part of our unfoldment, in which we move through the realms of various archetypical energies related to our Self-development.