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Fate & Fortune

Peter Fae June 6, 2023
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In one way or another, all stories are a relationship with Fate and Freedom. With the idea that our lives are predetermined or if we truly have free will, the awareness and ability to make choices about our potential future. As such, conversation with the Fates is always poignant, for it lay at the center of one’s Story, no matter it’s outer form.

In the various clouds of culture and tradition that move across the mortal plane, this primal quality of interaction with the essence of being mortal takes on many forms, yet it is always the same, always the recognition of and relationship with the nature of one’s timeline, the thread of their life and it’s context in the Great Story of our shared unfoldment.

It is this thread, the line of one’s time-line, that is the basis of our story, which is always a divination into our fate, fortune and freedom along our quest of self-discovery.  As we make this sacred inquiry, we see the strings of synchronicity upon the Kairos of our thread, gradually discovering the constellation of our purpose along our incarnate path through the World Tree.