"Autumn Dragons"

continue the journey, following the scent of synchronicity and witnessing the arrival of ever-more avatars of the realms of Avalon.  More and more I am coming to see the nature of the lands beneath the land, the many realms of the Mythica and the vibrational landscape that we travel …

Summoning Dragons

It is no surprise to me then, feeling the energies of the Dragon flush in the air through his casting, to hear a familiar rumble approaching, resolving into my kinbrother Noah McLain on his stag-horned cycle.

He had arrived, I realized, for he had to, drawn by the threads of the Great Story. To meet the Tor here in the Shire of Ashland, all of us occurring in each others lives in a synchronicity of living myth.

A vision came to me then, a feeling of inclusion, of the lines of our lives interweaving. Where a deeper feeling defined the space.

It was a feeling of lights dancing, of the energies of the elements playing out as our many stories and song.

Meetings at the Faery Pools

It is the Old Roads we walk. The places twixt and tween the seasons of the mortal plane.

2010 11 10 Paladin Of Dragons 20

And I do See him then in the Mythica, his trail a footprint of memories across the Green and Gold. Walking a Path of honour and remembrance of the everways.

2010 11 10 Paladin Of Dragons 22

North trotted alongside us, through the Autumn. Radiant in the natural World.

2010 11 10 Paladin Of Dragons 23

It was a beautiful moment. Flush with the timbres of Gold.

2010 11 10 Paladin Of Dragons 24

A token appeared to me then, amongst the radiance, bearing the message “Stories are Gifts to Share”, showing the support of Lady Story.

Characters Appearing

Noah McLain
Tor Jormungander