“City of Bones”

“City Beneath the Sea”

2010 – “Lands of Enchantment”



I wish to know more about this Fairy Seer, Orion Foxwood.  I am told of a gathering by the magi of Ba Sing Se, leading me to a place called ‘New Orleans’.  Such is a deeply strange and mystical place, full of magic.  The streets are potent thing, lined with the dead and the living.  She is an underwater Queendom, below the level of the sea, where strange currents move.

2010-11-15 - Way of the Conjuror-6

He goes into the nature of the magical style of ‘conjuring’, relating it to the mountains of his childhood and the connection with the otherworld of the fae …

Streets of Dawn & Dusk

2010 - Conjuror Way - Streets of New Orleans 2

Queens of Voodoo

The Birth of Diamonds

Champions of Faerie

Bards of the Bayou

2010 - Conjuror Way - Dancing in the Streets

And the music is everywhere

Yet musicians roam her streets, plying their craft in the vastness of the city …

Libraries of Lore

Characters Appearing

Terradon Iller
Orion Foxwood

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