2016 – “Sword in the Stone”

At last, I arrive at the Agape Ministry, there to encounter Michael Beckwith.

Having first encountered the vibration of Beckwith’s teachings during the “Life Visioning” episode of 2013, I had striven for many years to incorporate his claim that We Live in a Friendly Universe and to prove that on my journey through the realms.

Recognizing the vision granted to me by the Presence during my time in Crestone to assist Agape and Mindvalley, I move to share the Mythica with him and fulfill my service …

Entering Agape


The Generous Heart


With virtually no money to my name and relying entirely on Faith in the Friendly Universe, Halcyon suddenly, spontaneously offers me $100!!!!

Meeting Beckwith at last, I am flush with excitement to share with him the Mythica, a documented example of the Life Visioning. It is a beautiful moment, though I sense he is flush with energy from his sermon and we are not able to truly drop in with each other. Nonetheless, I take steps forward to fulfill the vision granted to me by the Presence, and attempt to share the project with him, not knowing when we will encounter each other again.

The Dollhouse

The Wound of Family

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Michael Beckwith
John Halcyon Styn
Dawn Hoang
Durian Songbird

Call to Action - SIGN UP FOR THE MYTHICA  

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