"The Doctor is In"

A HUGE nexus of Story-energy occurs in the City of Angels during the opening days of Dr. Strange.  Paradox Pollack leads me to a theatre near his home in the storyscape of the city, telling me the tickets are paid for and I should gather them from Dr. Strange himself.

Tinsels & Gold

I do not know what to expect when Paradox’s invitation includes the phrase “Get your tickets from Dr. Strange”


At first I am perplexed by his meaning, yet surrender to the flow of the throb of Story that pulses through the ley of the City of Angels, making my way to the theatre in bright anticipation.

What happens in the next few hours is pure magic …

The signature of the theatre is beautiful in the underlands of the Mythica. Memories dance and weave, calling forth impressions of an older Hollywood, one forming stars out of tinsel and tape. Of just laying the foundation of what would become the City of Angels.

Of the many avatars I have met along the Quest, Paradox bears tremendous significance, embodying a majesty of shapes in service to Story.

Through his avatar, the threadlines of the Lady pulse and reign, transforming the space around him, empowering all who surround with a deepening of their own myth.


Honoring the Temple

Flush with inspiration, I make my way back towards the temple, following the ley underneath the streets of the city.

Here, I intersect with a pair of travelers, and a conversation ensues where I end up teaching them a bit about magic while wearing my cloak and holding the elvish armour in my grasp.

It feels beautiful and right. Of all the moments that we could have intersected along the threadlines of our Stories, it was now, wearing my enchanted cloak and holding the elphinstone coat, standing in the nimbus of Egyptian iconography within a temple of Story … during the opening to Dr. Strange.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Joelle Nañawa
Paradox Pollack