"Bards & Kings"

A gathering occurs on the island,  collecting many of the avatars of the Mythica to it’s sacred emanation.  I  encounter new elves in the field, and use my photography to witness Forest and some of the Dakini.

Rockstars of Yoga


Elves at the Arma

At this time, I have encountered a pair of avatars by the names of  Samuel and Mikael King, both clearly angelic allies, the modern aspects of ancient lineages of Story and Service.


Once again, Bloom appears, in the company of another galactic fae ….

Liquid Fire Mantra


While I have only encountered Shea in the field a handful of times, the way in which she opens portals through her expression has always resonated …

Elves at the Arma - II

Once again, Justin appears in synchronicity and I feel that resonance again, the aka of media production and the new yogas beneath the surface.

The Song of Samuel

2017 - Bards & Kings - All around Ubud - 3
2017 - Bards & Kings - All around Ubud - 1 (2)
2017 - Bards & Kings - All around Ubud - 2
2017 - Bards & Kings - All around Ubud - 4

Presence at Pachamama

The Dreamspell Oracle

Shaping the Glyph

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Bloom (Robin Liepman)
Forest Schrodt
Samuel J Tellam
Laura Dinelski
Angela Argentina
Vasumi Zjikaa