"Avatars of Avalon"

Yagara Arrives

The avatars of Avalon arrive, holding space around the Round Table in the hallowed halls of Wynden Keep. Here, Hjeron, Noah arrive once more, as well as King Emilio and Queen Kelly of Faerieworlds, followed by Dakota Chanel, all hosted by the goodness of Raven and Jesse Wynden

There is a majesty here, amongst my faerie kin. One of ancient Knowing, of deep connection with the Land and the Love that supports all things.

Hjeron arrives, bringing with him the sigil of his own totemic essence as a Dragon medicine keeper


Such is a beautiful reunion, as the avatars gather, Yeshua investigating the aspect of the new lore that came through Hjeron’s casting earlier on the Quest …

Tending the Wyndenwood

For the Wyndenwood was a deeply magical place.  Where, beneath the surface in the underlands of the Mythica, she glowed with threads of the rainbow bridge.  Woven of the virtues of family and fellowship, of travel across the realms and realities in service to the Gold and Green.

Such was a place of wayshrine for me.  Of movement between the realms.  Where I felt my world kiss with the edges of the Commonwealth.  It was a place that we could step through, shifting from the isolations of the far realms closer to the intimacy of the hearth and home.

The Modern Bards


I am proud and in deep reverence for the efforts of Hjeron’s work in the world as Yeshua reads the Mythmaker comic, his fertile mind picking up the resonances that are shared with the Mythica invocation in service to the Awakening.


We go outside to share food and drink beneath the moonlight.  As we do, I invoke the compass of the Mythica, and a vision appears, showing me a portal into Faerie, flanked by the Moon and the Round Table, where I sense the chords of fellowship and the sacred portal into the realms of the Moon shared across the ethers between the Sky.

Here, King Emilio grants us entry to his stewardship of Faerieworlds, an honour I know comes from the Green through his aspect in recognition of our service to Faerie

2018 - Avatars of Avalon - 1

There are moments, when the veil thins and one can see the depths of what things truly are.  At what myth and legend peeks out from beneath the surface of our perceptions, where the Song and Story of the Great Tree may be heard.  Such was the feeling, standing in a circle at a round table, underneath the moonlight of Wynden Keep, where I felt myself in the presence of the avatars of Avalon in their current incarnation.

The Lady Dakota

I felt it then, that purity of devotion that was such a deep part of Dakota’s essence.  Her absolute surrender to the embrace of the deeper world and the flow of innocence and potency it carried.

Such are the palaces of devotion, after all.  The priority of surrender to what feels true within the self.

Teachings of the World Tree

In that moment, I saw the essences clearly, the pantheon of avatars arriving in confluence as vessels for a much larger thing.  Here, I saw how each of us was part of that alchemy, a wave of embodied mythos bringing it’s gift to the worlds.

It was an elemental Knowing, a sense of that which lay beneath the surface, of the shared tone of Avalon, of an embodied mysticism and honor of Nature.  Where the threadlines of ether wove together into majesties of story upon the Book of the World.

As I worked through the energies brought up in the confluence, I shifted … moving deeper into the Mythica.  I felt the thoughts dissolve and the simplicity of listening.  Of hearing the voices of the deva within and without, the palette of colors which defined our myth and manner.

There, I heard the voice of the World Tree, as a wash of visions moved through me, showing the underlands of the worlds.

Again, as She had unveiled for me during our time at Livingwell, I see the World Tree, the movement of our characters across the landscapes of story in their prime elements.  Impulses of lightning across the nervous system of the Divine Mind.  Intrinsically a part of the ecosystem of the Akasha and the World Tree.

It was a profound vision.  One clarified by the shared luminance of the many avatars of Avalon who had arrived in the space.  Where I was able to see the strings of our stories and how they connected with the sacred land.  It was a moment of deep coherence, where I saw the arrival of Dakota, Destiny Fae and Kundra amidst the nobles of Faerie in confluence, part of the Great Story of our shared Awakening across the threads of the World Tree.

I could feel the splinter healing.  The crack between Heaven and Earth within myself, still cooling, yet softened, my gaze more able to catch the breadth of the Akasha and the Tree in it’s endless horizon.  I could feel the threads clearing, where the sense of individual self dissolved to awareness, and I could see the strings of our stories across the weave.

I ask Joshua to witness a picture of me as I weave together an Opening in the stalks of the Wyndenwood.

Characters Appearing

Hjeron O’Sidhe
Jesse Wynden
Raven Wynden
Noah McLain
Joshua Blake
Dakota Chanel
Emilio Lopez
Kelly Miller Lopez