“Nectar of Naples”

2017 – “Island of the Gods”

“Nectar of Naples”

Just as it seemed as though we were trapped in the Wildwood of Zen Awakening, we are granted sanctuary at a fellow yogi’s place down in the southeastern territories of Florida. Here, we engage with the sacred plant deva Ayahuasca, helping to clear the patterns which we feel are blocking our access to the abundance and prosperity that is our birthright ….

The Mother Vine


Deep magic comes to us then as Yeshua and I find ourselves graced to sit with Ayahuasca, the Mother Vine in what occurs for me in the underlands of the Mythica as a Temple of Vitality in the Earth plane.

We are so happy for this. To arrive in a realm where the impressions of health and wholeness are present. Such is a reminder on the Quest of what we travel towards, moving across the realms of the akasha towards Heaven on Earth.

Over the course of our time on the eastern coastline of the Americas, we shall sit within the Mother multiple times. It is a grand opening for Yeshua’s Voice as he steps into his Aspect more and more, both sharing songspell with me and opening into the many shapes of his own bardic.

The shamanic arts are so deeply embodied in him. That sense of sacredness, of quietude and appropriateness.


Magic by the Water



It is here in the temple of my yogic ally that I discover a book by a mystic who calls himself ‘Sadhguru’. It is a very interesting thing, radiant with vibrational potency in the underlands of the Akasha, and I pick it up, allowing the wash of it’s essence to move through me. Unlike the dirge of charlatans that I felt populated the mystical World, there was something here. Something powerful. Resonant.

Within it, I sense a clarity comparable to my own musings, worthy of my attention.

Scavenge 35 – Greens Perk Achieved

Yeshua’s elvish capabilities at scavenging food through the Earth plane are considerable …


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Libros Magi – The Temple of Story


Again and again I find myself drawn to the local Temple of Story, appearing on the surface as a ‘Barnes & Noble’. Such reminds me of the encounter I had with Tara Lee of the Faerytale Brigade in 2012, the pages of the books feeding me whispers of prana and magic as I walk through the sacred shelves.


The power of Story flows through this place, as she does through all temples devoted to her honour. Here, a spontaneous telling moves through us both as we witness the lore and legend of the modern Age …

The Libraries of Legend


Potions of Light


We acquire a potion of light, known on the surface plane as LSD. Having never journeyed before on this medicine, we invoke the elemental magics, aligning with the sacred space and step across the realms …

The Priestess

Alchemist of Love

Unsure of where to go and deeply unnerved by the sudden change in whats we thought was a stable arrangement, Yeshua and I travel the sideway highways, consciously invoking the inner asanas of forgiveness in effort to open the space of manifestation and easement for the next phase of the Quest.

After doing this for some time, we are suddenly contacted by Samson Love, the kundalini alchemist I had met during the Onelove festival in 2016, who invites us to the deserts of Las Vegas, what I knew as the Glittering City in the underlands of the Mythica,, far and away from the southeastern edge where we reside.

A Blessing of Travel


Yet because of the very circumstances, we had now received a larger and more abundant vehicle! One with an outlet to power the laptop and room for us to sleep on the long journey to the Glittering City.

Characters Appearing

Joshua Elliot
Samson Love
Allyn Niyama
Allowah Lion

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