"Opening the Rainbow Gate"

At LAST! We have shifted the energies within to manifest the monies necessary to leave the winterlands and open a gate along the rainbow bridge to Maui!


It is such a stark contrast, having arrived in the beginning of Summer, to see the land fallen to Winter, the crops of the Wynden Keep dissolving, grounding back into the Earth.


Opening the Portal

Inspired, we don our various magical garbs, Jesse producing a cloak that was made for him by Copper Chris, the masterful craftsman of the elven realms who created the items wielded by both Hjeron and myself, including my prized elvish armour, the Elphinstone Coat.


Honoring the Enchanted Gypsy


Gathering our things, we say goodbye to the Enchanted Gypsy, appreciating her spirit for granting us sanctuary. Here, Yeshua witnesses the artifacts of faerie expressing through the substance of the akasha as we plan to leave for the airport the next morning.


True to his noble character, Jesse drives us to the Portland airport. The sense of fellowship and brotherhood is thick in the air as we make our goodbye’s, ever-thankful for the graciousness of the Wynden’s holding space as the royalty of Family they embody.

Characters Appearing

Jesse Wynden
Raven Wynden
Joshua Blake