“Return to the Mother”

“Return to the Mother”

2018 – “The Magicians”

At last I make it back to the islands of the Mother.  To the mystic realms of what is currently called ‘Hawai’i’ on the surface plane of the consciousness.

Welcoming Home


For me, she is so much.  The homecoming.  The validation of the seed that was revealed to me so many years ago when I first came to Kauai. As we get off the plane, we are met by Kundra Rose, resplendent in red and radiant with the energies of the aina.

Gathering us into her vehicle, Kundra brings us to her current residence, occurring for me in the octaves of the Mythica as the current expression of a tantric temple. In graciousness, she has arranged for us to stay there for a week as we get our bearings and find our way deeper into the island. Here, we rent a vehicle from her ally, a man named LaFleur who she refers to as her ‘Faerie Godfather’.

Return to Paia


It is so flush. So beautiful so be back in the bosom of the Great Mother. To be in the radiance of the aina after so many years. I find myself drawn once more to the beach on the edges of the towne of Paia that I first came to during the 2006 adventure ‘Harm to None’ on the Journey Home.

Here, the aina speaks to me, singing the song of the Land. I can feel vitality, prana moving through my bare feet, breathing into my lungs. It is such a welcome change from the winterlands of the Emerald City.

Feeling the sacredness, I walk along the beach, discovering trash left by errant humans. I sigh, wondering when this desecration of the planet will cease, and gather them up, feeling the thankful breath of the aina respond to my efforts.


The Mandala Creations


As we wander through the towne of Paia, a bright energy flares through the substance of the akasha. Looking up, I see the sign for a place called ‘Mandala Creations’ …

On the outside of Mandala Creations is an advert for a fantastic temple, reminding me of the architecture of the Island of the Gods. Wistfully, Yeshua and I look on it, remarking how much we’d love to live in a place like that, and set our intentions to manifest such a location.

Setting the spell, we enter the space together, curious as to what other marvels await in the shoppe.

Here, we encounter Satya Douglas, who informs us that the temple we witnessed in the window is part of a larger set of sacred architecture, entire houses designed by her partner Bruce Douglas. Such is a beautiful thing, radiant through the akasha with the harmonies of the New World and leaving both Yeshua and myself deeply impressed.

As we reveal our recent arrival, Satya tells us of a place called the ‘Temple of Peace’ supposedly a mere 15 minutes away. The resonances feel strong, so we gather the rented car and make our way there …


The Temple of Peace

Realmsign occurs as we encounter the sigils of the Grail and the Magdalene, reminding us again of the righteousness of the Quest …


Characters Appearing

Joshua Elliot
Kundra Rose

Call to Action - SIGN UP FOR THE MYTHICA  

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