“Gaze of Shiva”

“Gaze of Shiva”

2019 – “Temple of the Akasha”

AMAJOR moment on the Quest where I felt my personality dissolve and the aspect, the gnosis of Shiva-consciousness anchoring within me, in which there was a vast purging of the sanskaras within both my self and Yeshua’s, arriving in a moment of purity in the jungle ….

The medicine moved through me, altering my consciousness.  Unprepared as I was, the insistence of the deva pushed aside the surface of my thoughts and feelings, demanding that which lay beneath the surface to be purged.  It was a experience of pure rage where the disgust I had at the repetition of challenge and attempted dominance across the fields of my story erupted, sending me into a spin of bile and vitriol towards the characters in my story who had been vessels for the seemingly endless conflict.

It was beyond me, the anger and frustration pouring out of my voice and form.  It was all I could do to align with the deva of Water and surrender

To arrive in that moment of synchrony, where no one was in the jungle with us, was a proof of the realms of the akasha as well as the physics of the quest …

Characters Appearing

Joshua Elliot

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