Ether Sea

In the journey from material form to the formless, the perception of the universe in terms of the ether sea is a quality of the deep places of the Akasphere as it moves into the Aethersphere, gradually dissolving it’s sense of self-identity and material form en route to the Source of all things.

There are many dimensions to one’s experience of the Ether Sea.  Like sailors on the surface perception of the ocean we can drift uncontrollably or move with purpose, exploring the many islands and continents of personal and collective reality which exist on the planet.

The Ether Sea is the Land perceived as Liquid

What must always be understood is that the layer of the Akasphere which contains both the sands of time and the ether sea is always expressing itself through the more crystallized layers of form, that the flush and flow of the colors of consciouness which are perceived from such a liquid state manifest as the various subconscious karmic impressions which make up our mythologies and which play out in the surface conditions of our lives.

In a navigate way, all journeys are across the Ether Sea. Through the ever-changing liquidity of one’s consciousness and the lens through which it views the world.

As seekers across the changing terrain of consciousness itself, our ability to navigate is crucial. Yet very often, we drift across the realms and realities of ourselves without recognition, unable to take advantage of the currents which surround our story.

Ultimately, all movements are from form into the formless, from the gross divination of the material plane of the World Tree to the infinite starscapes of the Akasha, our movement of lifetimes across the Stars and the Soil.