The Manzanita Mansion

After having made alliance with Kelsey Faery during the Nestival, we are offered an opportunity to stay in her domain, the hidden enclave of the Manzanita Mansion.  Here, the invocation of the Goddess Babalon pays off in the form of a red-drenched royal yurt flush with cushions and furs, a beautiful and expansive space.  Nearby, Joshua arrives in a similarly colored studio further up on the hill.

It’s a worthy reception, and one we’re deeply thankful for.  A wonderful recognition of the application of the magic bringing us to sanctuary along the journey.

Reaching into my pack, I pull out the Millennial Gaia statue, the token of the Goddess that has traveled with me across the realms of the Creation.  I place her on the table, a reminder of our larger purpose in revealing the subtle realms of Gaia to the people.

Walking the World Tree

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The expression of the World Tree upon the property is a great sign of the magic.  A manifest expression of the ethers of the Creation arriving on the string of synchronicities that is the real magical world.  Such is a bright portent, a reminder that our Quest to reveal the Tree to the people has brought us to her very manifestation on the surface of the world.

Here of course lay the reminder.  The understanding that the Tree of Life which we move through in our mystical agenda is in and of itself a fractal, a small fragment of the much larger Tree, that of Gaia herself, and the grand journey shared by all of humanity as aspects of that larger thing.

To walk the boughs and branches of the World Tree is the essence of the Mythica.  The understanding that our inner world manifest as our outer world, and that the colors that make up our inner rainbow and the paths we walk on the surface of the world are one and the same.  That we are always walking the Tree.

Such is the grand journey, the weave of our many timelines and their interconnections, the threads of our planetary nervous system playing out as our lives and legends.

Yet there are always distortions.  Always the inner patterns which influence our manifestations.  The limiting beliefs and ancestral impressions that must be dissolved.  Such are the challenges, the subconscious that must be attended to achieve freedom.

Such a thing cannot be avoided.  As seeds of the Great Tree, we bear our portion of the distortion that afflicts the collective.  Our share of the chains of limitation that restrict the flow of life and love across the planet.

The Dragon Cabin

Dragon Cabin - The Goddess of Wealth

Deep expansion comes in the Dragon cabin as I give my Word to Carolyn Elliot that I will divine her Story within the Akasha.  Like all aspects of my magic, such is a thing of time and circumstance, happening in it’s right manner at the perfect moment.

Thorns of the Heart

The question over the root continues, with anxiety and anger at my perception of the circumstance rising within me.

It feels so good, so very good, to clear the energies from the land, knowing that we are clearing the thorns and blockages within ourselves in the process.

Aerie of the Tree

Characters Appearing