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The realms of consciousness when our energy is splintered and distorted, where we only have access to certain facets of our personality. It is the state of incoherence where the signal to noise within our self is deeply disharmonious and our life is a world of splinters. From this I speak with deep personal experience, for I have lived in the splinterlands most of my life.

As adventurers across the underlands we can find ourselves in the splinterlands, where we feel splintered within, unable to hold the coherence necessary to bring our worlds into clarified manifestation.

The Splinterlands are part of the realms of the underlands, and represent the distorted passage along the rainbow road. When we are in them, our prism of perception is splintered within, and we cannot see things clearly. From such a place, our sense of internal navigate is fundamentally off, and worse than that – we don’t know it.