prism of perception

There are many vantages on the nature of Reality.  Many beings who perceive the Creation as cruel or uncaring.  Who experience their reality from a place of scarcity and lack.  Yet this is not the Truth.  In actual Reality, there is no scarcity, no lack.  In the purified and cleansed version of our window of perception, there is only Love.  Only support for our unique heroic journey from ignorance to the Realization of our inner majesty.

Yet we experience conditions.  Very real conditions, which do not always seem positive or supportive.  Circumstances which are difficult to see from a positive viewpoint.  These are not just perceptions, but real experiences of scarcity, of lack and frustration.  Yet though they are very real, they are not the fundamental basis of the Creation.  Rather, they are the result of the structure of our lens of self, which creates the circumstances of our lives.

Each of us has our own perspective.  Our own way of seeing the circumstances of our lives.  It is something unique to us all, the window, or lens, through which we experience our reality.  Such becomes the basis for our vantage, our point-of-view, which in turn generates our thoughts, beliefs and associations.

In the cosmology of the Mythica, our point of view is a position in space. Our particular locus point in the space of the Stars and the Soil.

For example, the point-of-view on reality of a being who is experiencing lack, or scarcity, confusion and dismay is quite different from that of a being who is experiencing Abundance, Grace, and Goodness.  And in this difference is everything.  On a structural level, there is a difference in the ‘window’ through which these beings view their reality.  As we come to understand the structural basis for our point-of-view, we have a better grasp on how to change the substance of that window, thus changing the circumstances of our lives.  To be open to more Good, more Awe, more Wonder.  To change not only the way we view reality, but the way in which we experience it.

Yet what creates that perspective? What is the structure that creates that window? What are the primal elements that make up the framework that gives rise to our point-of-view? Understanding the structural basis for all points-of-view gives us an opportunity to examine the basis for our experiences in a new way.

We can only see the small portion of the treasure that surrounds us through the prism of our perspective. To access the abundance that is our birthright, we must learn how to clear the colors within so that we can perceive the brighter world.  Here, we face the distortion fo scarcity directly, clearing our perspective so that we may live in a more abundant version of our reality..

In this context, the Light of Awareness has no color.  Rather, it is the shape of the window, the mythologies and hues of the glass which create the projection on the floor.  It is this projection, this splay of colors through our lens of perception, that is our manifest reality.

Seen from this perspective, the many characters that we play in the Great Story and the patterns they repeat over time can be seen as a spiral of light, a swirl of colors happening across a multitude of lives and legends.