The Ashland Shire

The mystical shire-towne of Ashland, located in the northwestern territories of Cascadia.

Nestled in a confluence of ley lines, Ashland is home to many lightworkers, faerie folk and shamanic practitioners, and is thick with the energy of Story and Song across the territories of the Underlands. She is the home of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Cripple Creek Music and was briefly a grounded point for Oberon’s Tavern.

The Ashland Shire appears in these episodes of the Journey Home

2009 – “Journey to the Shire” , “The Invocation of Pan
2011 – “Ho’oponopono
2014 – “Heaven and Earth” , “Paladin of Faerie” , “Roses of Beltane” , “The Faery Pools” , “The Village of Peace” , “The House of Lions
2015 – “Guardians of the Goddess” , “Initiations
2016 – “The Ark


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