“Aurors of Hogwart’s”

“Aurors and Avatars”

2017 – “Island of the Gods”

Aurors of Hogwarts

2017 - Bards & Kings -Part 2 - 4

Snakes of Slytherin

Yet Team Tantra was on the case.

The Cleansing Waters

2017 - Aurors and Avatars (Bards Kings) - 3 (1)

Avatars of Breath

This is really a perfect example of the Mythica.

Allies & Avatars

Synchronicity at Soma

The Mythica invocation continues to clarify, where more inspirations come through on how to quickly and easily reveal the subtle world beneath the surface and share that vision with the people.

Like everything about the spell, I sense the threadwork, the sculpture of intentions beneath the surface, seeing it’s expressions through the various arts.

To even have the vision to witness the Goddesses arranged around us at depth is the Gift in and of itself.  The ability to receive the light within each other.

Music for Mikael

2017 - Bards & Kings -Part 2 - 41

Characters Appearing

Kundra Rose
Samuel J Tellam
Shalimar Latimer
Justin Stearman

Call to Action - SIGN UP FOR THE MYTHICA  

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