"The Yoga Quest"

Kundra Rose and I make the jump along the rainbow bridge back to the Island of the Gods, making our way to the temple of motion stewarded by my longtime brother in the realms of Fire, Forest Schrodt.

Authors & Adventurers

I show her the adjustment, the opening of a viewpoint into the subtle energies that lay beneath the surface through the storytelling.

The Roads of Air


On the way to the island, we encounter a sculpture in the airport, featuring a pair of golden wings. Recognizing the angelic aspect of both mine and Kundra’s essence in the Mythica, we witness photos of ourselves in their synchronicity, the Universe reminding us of our deeper essence and mission in the Earth plane.

The Flow Temple


Yogas of the Past and Future

This was deeply interesting to me, for while Allowah was clearly practiced and adept at the classical postures of his discipline, he was also in an act of liberation from those patterns, listening to his own authenticity over what other tools to bring forward in service to the people.

I recognized this as a sacred and necessary act, part of the zeitgeist of transformation that was the movement to the Golden Age.  To me, Allowah was a part of a cadre of emergent teachers, each designed by the Divine to carry the impressions of the New World.  As a result of this, their authenticity led in the direction of new forms of the ancient technologies, the modern mythos of the yogic arts.

2016 - Yoga Quest - Kundra Sings
2016 - Yoga Quest - Allowah Stretching
2016 - Yoga Quest - Flow Temlpe Floors

The Yoga Barn

2016 - Yoga Quest - Yoga Barn 6

Characters Appearing

Niekko Chin
Kundra Rose
Allowah Lion
Forest Schrodt