"Pyramids of Chi"

Bards and Bodhisattva's

As I return from the visa run back to Ubud, I discover another avatar of Story in the form of Byron Mae, appearing in a raw food restaurant called ‘Alchemy’ in Penestanan …

The Quest leads me to the pyramids of chi, a sanctuary radiant with healing energies along the Ley of the land.  Here, I encounter Peter and Lynn Macintosh, and hear their telling of listening to the Divine through the invocation of automatic writing and how that led to the monies and other resources to manifest the pyramids of Chi into being.

It is here I meet my fellow deva avatar Linhbling Shaolinh for the first time, who is destined to become a fierce ally in my Quest, granting a shared solace to the ongoing effort to ground myself and the Mythica into the Commonwealth.

The Pyramids

2017 - Pyramids of Chi - The Pyramids - 1 (1)

Leela Leigh - Healing the Shadows

Santa Mandala - Stories & Song

Priestesses and Pyramids

Temples of Water

2017 - 9 Angels - Bali Dacha - 1

As I wander down the steps with Caroline, the energy of Water is thick in the air. In the Mythica, it feels we are moving into the underworld, into the depths and liquidity of that texture of experience. Here, she feels to me to be a guardian of those places, walking me further into a new territory of being …

Deva at the Dacha

Signs & Synchronicities

Lady Shaolin

The Sound of Healing


Characters Appearing