Akashic Library – Lightning in the Leaves

The view shifts, and you find yourself in the akashic library, hovering in the ethers above the surface and soil of the world. Peter Fae is standing before a map which flickers with electrical energy.

He looks up for a moment across the fifth wall, and addresses you.

“Welcome to the Hall of Lightning” he says, bowing slightly to you before turning back to the map. “Lightning has a special significance in the cosmology of the Mythica, for it is the electromagnetic connection between the Earth and the Sky, which is to say the link between Heaven and Earth or what in the mythipedia is known as the Stars and the Soil.”

“On a core level, this relates to the idea that we have a soul mission which has brought us to incarnation in the mortal condition, and that it is through the electromagnetic lightning of life herself that we take on our bodies and their sacred missions in the world.”

“It was through the lightning that I first had a clarified vision of the indric net.” said Peter, pointing to a point on the map in the early years of the quest. “It was during an episode I called “The Lightning Gift”, and had happened in the streets of New York city when I was around thirteen years old.”

“What was so significant about it?” asked Calliope.

“It had to do with time.” Peter said. “The storms had given me a vision of the space of the akasha, the sense of which would define the creation of the maps of the Mythica in the years to come.”

The map shifts then, the centerpoint looking down on a highway somewhere in the northwestern United States. “I had just returned from the acquisition of the Elphinstone Coat, one of the artifacts on the quest i’d gathered to prove the principles of the path and the land and give people a framework for their mythical quest, and was approaching a lightning storm in the episode “Catching Lightning”.

“The idea of the lightning of life isn’t new.” Peter says, taking a book from the shelves.

“In the qabbalistic arts there is an idea that the Divine intelligence of Source consciousness of what some mortals call ‘God’ starts at the top of their version of the tree of life and follows a zig-zag pattern like a classic lightning bolt through the spheres of consciousness, gradually finding it’s way from the exaltation of the Source of all things which they refer to as Kether to the muddy encasement and medley of forms that is material existence which they refer to as Malkuth. Because this is a such a major part of the current Mythos, I included a specific article in the Adventurer’s Handbook known as tarot and the tree.”

“So what you’re saying is …”

“They’re the same thing. The tree of life in the qabbalah, the spine of a human being and the central nervous system of the planet herself, which is to say the fractal of the universe entire are the same thing, seen at different angles and octaves of itself. What the conversation is really about is viewpoint.”

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