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Ra Re


A context of story. A gate between realms that we recognize as significant to our mythos.

There is a moment when the textures of one’s consciousness change, a realization that we are no longer in the point of view that we were in, and that something has internally changed which has shifted our entire experience of reality. In the cosmology of the landscape of realms, i’ve referred to this as a realmgate – as a gate between one realm of manifestation and another.

Like all aspects of the mortal condition, this is measured in narrative time. In where we look at something from. On a minute level, as part of the process of being and becoming, we’re always moving through realms, yet what we’re talking about here are the larger realms, the more constant realms that make up our self and it’s reality. We’re referencing the movement from a major repeating shadow in one’s life into a new reality based on the axis mundi. It’s a place-of-threshold on our story. Where we felt something Big change.

In Story terms, a realmgate is a threshold. Something that embodies a portal through the underlands in one’s personal mythology. It is the point where the bifrost touches another world. In the primal geometries of the aka, it is a place where something shifts into something else, and can take many forms. For my own process of documenting the signs of the realms along the path and their relation to the outer world, realmgate’s have often been associated with a place.