"Oberon's Door"

Sanctuary at the Tavern


After being summarily kicked out of the City of Portals on every conceivable level, I drive Victory wearily back to the Ashland Shire, hoping for the sanctuary she had given me so many times before on the Quest.

Here, I am led to Oberon’s Tavern, considering that I may be able to use the transitional energy of that adventurer’s watering hole to shift my way across the realms and somehow change the repeated conditions of my reality.

I am exhausted when I get to the door.

“You look thin” says Lord Jordan.  “Thin on the World.”

He was right.  I could feel it.  Yet the Quest continued.


Here, the principal, that assistance will arrive in the perfect form when we need it, expressed itself as David Lovere, the light-archer I had met at the Faerieworlds nexus-point earlier that year, appears in the field ….

The Presence of Prana


Temple of the Goddess


Songs of Seva


A Prophecy of Gifting

Songs of Wind and Earth

Characters Appearing

Jordan Mackay
David Lovere
Graell Corsini
Kamala Easton
Peia Bird