layers of will

In the game of manifestation we are always talking about Will, about the relationship between desire and divination, looking into the nature of our intentions on the visceral level of our soma, in the landscape of sensations which defines our body. It is a deep dive into the idea of agency, and is based on the idea that through our willful effort we can manifest what we desire in the world.

On a basic level this is the idea that by putting intention and effort towards a goal that it will eventually come into fruition, the strength of our intention and constancy creating the subtle etchings of form in the substance of the aethers of consciousness, eventually gaining enough mass to manifest as our desired reality.

Yet while the essence of this action is related to the quality of will, the investigation into that will is a nuanced thing, with many levels and layers of will affecting the speed and potency by which our desires are, or are not manifest in reality. Here the idea of divided will comes into play, which is the concept that there is conflict between our intentions on the various layers of will as they exist in the world. To illustrate this concept, let’s look at a model of the layers of will and their order of precedence, and how these layers play out in the idea of our manifest reality from the inside-out.

In the cosmology of the Mythica, Will, like all other aspects of the human experience, happens on a variety of levels relative to the layers of the land.

Conscious Will (Surface Will)

Surface Will, or what we normally consider as our decision making capacity, is the most basic level of inspiration and movement.  It is a function of the conscious mind and is deeply influenced by the subconscious (subtle) will.

Subconscious Will

Subconscious will lay beneath conscious will and is what we primarily deal with in the arts of healing. In the layers of the land, the patterns in the subconscious relate to the mythosphere of Gaia.

The subtle will, also known as the subconscious will, supercedes the conscious will, much like the larger mass of an iceberg beneath the surface outweighs what pushes up above the water.

Collective Will

Even deeper than the subconscious will lay the unconscious and collective will, the patterns of personality which lay even deeper into the structures of the self. In the layers of the land, this relates to the mnemosphere, and is part of the landscapes of legend.

Unconscious Will

At the layer of the akasphere will distills into constellations of meaning and intention known as aka.

True Will

In the context of the layers of will one’s true will is considered the most aligned with one’s Heart’s Desire.

Causal will is the will of one’s higher self.  It relates to one’s current incarnation from a larger radiance of service. It is the incarnation of one’s holy guardian angel, the aspect of the Divine Mind that is one’s higher self and it’s motivations.  As the most causal aspect of will and the closest to Source, Causal Will supercedes both subtle and surface will.  It is the thing to which we align in our journey of embodying our highest self.

Divine Will

Ultimately, all will is Divine will.

At the top of the pyramid of will lay Divine Will, that which is sets the stage for all our stories. It is equivalent to the principle of Logos, and is the literal source of all divinations and actions, including the ideas which we wish to manifest into reality. Divine Will supersedes all other forms of will, it is literally the “will of God” and lay beyond the reach of mortal ideology.

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